I have some questions about the new T-mobile one + and + international plans.


    So currently i have a older simple choice north american plan that i pay $90.41 on per month when all the charges and fees are added on. Thus i am starting to think about the new one plans since they will now include said fees while still maintaining all the things i enjoy from what i can tell but i need to be sure. So the following i hope someone can answer. I apologize in advance for haveing so many but i'm having a hard time getting them all answered.


    1. Do the t-mobile one plans still get access the more premium version of Napster(rhapsody) for free?

    2. How exactly do the HD data persons work? I saw you must activate one every day how do you do this?

    3. Besides unlimited go go in flight wifi and double the data speeds when traveling what do i really gain vs my current plan.

    4. Is the cost really going to be 85 bucks or 95 bucks flat or is there some hidden charge? (sorry i'm always suspicious of things that seem to good to be true.)

    5. Is there some type of limit on the new plans that would be considered abusing the network like say after 100gb of data i get terminated from service?


         I would also like your personal thoughts of what you do in my situation because the way things are now i can ether save 5 bucks and get basically what looks to be what i have now minus the high speed tethering which is lame or pay a extra 5 bucks and have unlimited tether which seems well just amazing.


    On a side note to help you guys when helping me decide whats good for me i'll tell you about my usage and such. So every year for about the past 4 years i do some kind of international travel so i do rely on t-mobile roaming and haveing access to decent data speeds seems really nice to me in the sense that it will make things like Facebook messenger work a little more smoothly.The in flight wifi is also nice since i plan to go to South Korea for a whole month and the flight is like 16 hours. When i'm in the states i am a heavy data user who up till recently used like 15-20 gb of data but this has changed to me useing like 100gb a month for the simple fact that service now works everywhere i go when it didn't before and t-mobile is faster then the wifi at most places i go to. I also have a metered home internet connection so by supplementing my usage onto the t-mobile network i save money.


    I don't hotspot much but i could see my self doing it more if its unlimited and included to keep some of my family of the home internet when i'm trying to do bandwidth straining tasks. I could also see it when i have to babysit my little cousin or my nephews who have ipods and ipads that need connected when i'm on the go.


    Thanks in advance for you help everyone i really appreciate it.




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      • tmo_amanda

        Hi Dennis,


        I'm sorry you didn't get much input on changes you're looking to make.


        1. No, the premium version of Rhapsody is not included in the T-Mobile ONE plan.

        2. The HD data passes are valid for 24 hours and can be added via the T-Mobile app or My T-Mobile. Once added the go into effect immediately.

        3. Honestly, the primary benefit of making the switch is going to just be peace of mind knowing what your bill will be every month.

        4. With the newest Un-carrier move, it'll actually be $70 for T-Mobile One if you have auto pay set up. If you don't have autopay set up it's $75 with taxes and government fees included. It would be an additional $25 for the T-Mobile One Plus International add-on. We also have the $15 One Plus add-on that just doesn't have the international features built-in.

        5. I just read over the Terms and Conditions and didn't see an amount of data usage included that would cause your service to be terminated. That's always subject to change.



        There are a few things that I would like to point out:

        - With T-Mobile One, the plan is not eligible for MCSA or government discounts. It doesn't qualify for the DIGITS Beta. It will also make the account ineligible for the FDFL (free data for life) plan.

        - You'll be able to keep existing promotions such as equipment credits.


        Do you have insurance on your phone? If so, how much is the monthly cost? It could go up if you're on an older handset insurance plan.


        From looking at your usage, I can honestly recommend going with the T-Mobile One Plus plan due to data usage, international travel, and in-flight access. I'd only do the $15 add-on until you're ready to travel outside of the U.S. because it'll save you an extra 10 bucks a month. So all-in-all you would be looking at a monthly bill of $85 flat (with autopay).


        Let me know what other questions you have. I'd love to give you as much info as possible before you make the jump to a new plan.