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    i just got a t mobile phone the on5 samsung model and when i started it it gave me a pattern not knowing what that was going to be and after dozens of attempts and having to wait 30 minutes now ant then i just reset it and now it says i need the last google account to start it up. now i have no clue what that is going to be, i tried my account but failed. i took out the sim card nothing connected it to side slide nothing connected it to smart switch nothing. that one said the phone is not setup for usb connection. so is there a way to get this going or is it now a paper weight?  i don't want it for phone only the internet. seems there must be a way to get past this. even with the sim card out it still says t mobile, and i don't care but i sure would like it to work and get online. thanks for any help here.



    i did get an email from google telling me i just signed on an on5 samsung phone, so i tried again and nothing worked. thanks

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: t mobile on5 reset

        Hey corvairbob65 - it sounds like the last user's information is all still on this phone.  By design, this loop that you're in is a security method.  Did you purchase the device from us?  If this is a Certified Pre-Owned Galaxy On5, then we should have wiped all of the information from any previous owner as part of the inspection that equipment, and if we failed to do so, then please let me extend a thousand apologies.  You'd simply need to bring the phone and your proof of purchase back to our store and we'll be happy to order a replacement for you - even CPO equipment carries a limited warranty.


        - Marissa