Duplicate SIM controls primary call reject?




    I've received my duplicate SIM so was playing with it for a bit.


    When incoming call comes in, if I reject it on duplicate sim, ringing stops on primary as well, instead of waiting for that one to be rejected.

    If Digits is supposed to be somewhat business-oriented, I kind of expect it to continue ringing on other line (just because one device is busy and can't accept it)?


    Ideal case:

    One phone number, two phones. Both start ringing, phone A rejects call (swipe down on Android), phone B continues to ring until it either also rejects _or_ times out and incoming call gets forwarded to voice mail.


    Current case:

    Both start ringing, phone A rejects call, phone B stops ringing, call goes into voice mail.


    Am I doing something wrong?

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      • tmo_kendra

        Re: Duplicate SIM controls primary call reject?

        Hey there bugabuga, Thank you so much for reaching out to us. I am going to send this up to get some clarification for you!! We will follow up with you once we get an update. Thank you for participating in DIGITS!!

        • azdreamscape

          I think this is exactly the behavior I would expect.


          DIGITS is about ME getting calls on any (and all) device(s) I may be using.


          If I am not available, and reject the call, I'm not available...why would I want it to keep ringing on MY other device(s)?


          If I answer the call on my tablet, I wouldn't want it to keep ringing on my phone because I didn't answer on the phone.


          I can't imagine a scenario where someone couldn't answer a call on Phone A, (preferring to take the call on Phone B), but was unable to just take the call on Phone B. (if you're going to carry your main phone and the 'duplicate' phone around with you)


          I thought the whole program was (partially) to eliminate the need for multiple phones, not to promote the use of multiple phones!


          Perhaps I'm missing something...?


          P.S.. It's a duplicate, not a rollover second line.

            • bugabuga

              Re: Duplicate SIM controls primary call reject?

              Well, in my case, if I have phone I want to answer the call to a bit further away, it means I can't shut the other one up, it'll be ringing till I answer the other phone. A small inconvenience, but kinda inconvenient anyway. I'd be okay with a setting somewhere "Rejecting call ends it on all devices" or something like that. Either that or behavior for "business" version of DIGITS being different (that it'd keep ringing)


              p.s. part of the reason, is that I can't transfer the call to another device (unlike, say, Google Voice, that allowed that), so I might be inclined to "take this call on the phone instead of desktop, but desktop will continue to scream loudly until I rush to the handset" type of thing. Not critical, but annoying for "one number, many devices"

            • azdreamscape

              If I'm not mistaken, 'transfer call to another device' IS supposed to be possible.


              I haven't tried that feature myself, though.