1 missed call for every answered call


    Apple iPhone 6 Plus IOS 10.2


    For every call I receive it also logs one missed call.


    I tried turning off wifi calling and that did not help.


    I have also reset network settings (Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings)


    This has been happening since at least Nov 15, 2016.  I am not sure when I put the 10.2 OS upgrade on my phone, but it might have been about this time.


    Thanks in advance



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      • tmo_lauren

        Re: 1 missed call for every answered call



        Are you using any third party calling apps? Does it show the missed call as the same person who called you?



        • anecbs

          Re: 1 missed call for every answered call

          Not a fan of necro-threading but needed to add a "me too" here.  I'm a recent sub to T-Mo coming from one of those other carriers after 10+ years, although I can safely say I never noticed this annoyance there.


          No doubt this has to do with "calls on other devices" which I use a lot for my work.  It's so much nicer to be able to make calls from my desktop Mac with my comfy headset which I'm wearing anyway than it is to hop on and off the mobile phone.


          Anyway this is my observation, and the supposed conditions for this to happen:

          • Calls on other Devices enabled, with at least one device actually set up to receive the calls (in my case, a single iMac).
          • That same device is also upgraded to Wi-Fi calling, thus the iPhone doesn't actually need to be turned on and on the same wifi network as the other calling device.
          • Call is received & answered on iPhone when iPhone is out and about, i.e., on cellular network, no where near the same Wifi network as the other calling device.
          • When that call is received, the other calling device is also turned on, logged in on the same iCloud account, etc.


          After I return home and sit in front of the other calling device (iMac), there's actually a notification message about a missed call.  But it's bogus.  In the FaceTime app on the iMac (which handles the phone calls), the call is in the recents list but is in fact NOT marked as missed.  There's only one entry in the call log for the call and it is not colored red (missed calls are red).


          On the iPhone itself, on the other hand, there are two entries for the call at the same time: one red and one not red.  Basically a Schrödinger call -- both missed and not missed at the same time.



          I would rather NOT have to disable Calls on other Devices because this feature is actually very handy. (Making calls with nothing more than an Apple Watch, a WiFi network and some bluetooth earbuds is pretty sweet.)  I would rather that T-Mobile and Apple puts their collective heads together and figure out what is going on here, identify the problem, and fix it. ;-)

          FIXIT! (SNL Oscar Rogers) - YouTube




          iOS 10.3.1, iPhone 7

          macOS 10.12.4, 2012 iMac





            • tidbits

              Re: 1 missed call for every answered call

              Try backing up your iPhone and do a factory reset. Don't restore using your backup. If the problem goes away then we know it's a setting or software bug that is happening. If you restore after that and it comes back then we know it's a setting or something is corrupted.

              If all else fails take your phone to Apple and ask to use your sim in one of their phones and see if the problem happens going over. If it goes away it has something to do with your phone.

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              • soeun

                Re: 1 missed call for every answered call

                Has there been a solution to this yet? I also had to turn off "calls from other devices" on my iPhone settings to fix the delayed text messages and missed phone calls I never received on my iPhone.  I would also love to turn this feature back on as it super useful to me.