I returned an IPhone 6 and am still being billed


    I find it hard to believe am still going through all this after almost a year. Back in Feb 2015 I purchased an Iphone 6 and gave a 249.00 downpayment.  14 days later I returned the IPhone 6 as I was upgraded to an IPhone 6S for which I was told to give the $294.00 down payment and i would be credited the 249.00 back to my card so I did.  I returned the iPhone 6 via USPS as that's the label I received.  10 months later I am still using on the iPhone 6. And never got my 249.00 back to my card.  I have contacted customer service over 15!times and I get the same lie and story we are still looking for it.  I also did,some research and Tmobile has done this to a few customers That is against the law.  And am about to file a complaint with the FCC and send copies of the other complaints so they get involved cause this is a scam.  I want my money back and the payments I have made credited to my account Tmobile has that device but God on,y knows what they did with it

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      • tmo_chris

        My goodness octavio1231! You should not have to pay for a phone that you returned I know you have spoken with customer care multiple times on this and have been dealing with this for so long so I totally understand where you are coming from. This community forum is primarily user driven and we, the community managers do not have account access so we would not be able to see exactly what happened. I would recommend that you reach out to our social media team T-Force using the Facebook or Twitter links in my signature. They will be able to take a holistic look at your account and see exactly what is going on here.