West Sacramento Supposed to have great coverage - this is the case across all phones.


    Please watch the video. I've called customer service about this twice, but I'm constantly assured that it must be a problem with my phone. This has happened to 3 of my phones and 2 of my wife's phones.




    If you notice, it will always show you with amazing data coverage and then you get absolutely nothing. BTW, please ignore my wife's phone background, haha! I'm not sure who to turn to on this as I can't get answers from customer service. I've been a customer for almost 12 years and it's not much fun being brushed off.

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      • theartiszan

        What you have there is a problem with speed and not signal strength. What happens when you try to run a speed test?

        Also on Samsung phones you can type this code into the dialer to select a band manually.


        I would try that and then test only using band 4 for LTE and see what happens and also try band 12. It might just be that one is over loaded where you are.

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          • thegringo64

            So, I tried connecting to the speed test app and it said they're trying to connect for 15 minutes and never did. Then I went in and changed it to band 4 and got .55 down and .2 up. Then I changed it to band 12 only and had the same result as if I couldn't connect.

              • dragon1562

                So i watched the video and read your results and it would definitely seem that the tower that your connecting to is congested. The best way to be sure though is to run speed tests throughout the day and to run multiple speed test ( think 3 in a row or more for consistency sake). If you really want to be over the top run the tests on different servers. Now the app should record all the test you run but i like to make note myself. I usually just write down the time, location, server and results( i.e ping, download, and upload).  If there are certain parts of the day where speeds look good then its congestion so long as no other factor is changing i.e location.


                The reason your doing all of this is so that next time you call customer care you can have all the information at your disposal and ask to be transferred to the advanced technical team who will have resources aviable to them like being able to see if towers our being modernized or under maintenance or congested etc. You will want to file a ticket only after doing the above so that when he asks you for some example experiences he can write into the ticket description for the engineers in the area to look at.


                Make sure to have a folder for yourself and write down who you spoke with and the ticket number case you need to revisit the issue. It will take 72 hours before a response on the ticket itself occurs typically and if there is modernization or anything along those lines going on i would give it a month before calling back if things have not improved.


                Also i'm not a tmobile worker or anything i just have spent alot of time calling in and know what the drill and know what is good to have ready to make it a smooth accurate process. The more information you have the better so that they can understand the problem they need to resolve.


                one last thing i want to mention is that you should record what band you were connected to when running the test since you can and will only further soldfiy the results and try running atleast one speedtest on a device that isn't the one in the video just so they can't say its your phone.


                Hope this was of some help good luck.

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            • tmo_chris

              Hey thegringo64


              Slow data is never any fun! I do agree with Dragon and Artiszan with this being more of a speed issue caused by congestion than it is a signal related problem. I know you said you spoke with customer care on this but do you know if they were able to get a service ticket created for you?

              • thegringo64

                I wouldn't mark that as the correct answer  -


                Just placed my 3rd or 4th service ticket. People that work at the T-mobile store in that area say that it's an issue as well. I'm out of options.