Advantage?  Husband Veteran, signed up because told there was a discount


    What has happened to the page to set up an Advantage discount?  I signed up with TMobile yesterday because two reps told me that I could get the 15% discount (he's a 100% disabled veteran).  The page was up on my screen for two days, after I signed up, I closed the screen, thinking I would come back to it once my sim card arrived (today).  Now, I can't find the page to sign up for it.  Only find Advantage plan for BUSINESS.  What's up with this?


    $15 savings per month meant the difference between my staying with Verizon, or going with Tmobile.  I made the jump, now the rules are changing... in one day?

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          • skmayor

            Well, we do have Veteran's Advantage, but that says it is on the simple rate plans only.  I made it absolutely clear to the rep (both of them) that we would switch with the discount, both said the same thing:  Sign up for service first, then apply and verify to get the discount.  I was very clear in my questions.


            Now that I've spent $190 on a new phone and signed up for the unlimited plan, from what I can see there IS NO VETERAN discount for the TMobile One plan.


            I'm pretty thorough before I commit to anything, and expect that I can trust a rep's word - TWO of them in agreement - that I will get the discount I expect. 


            Considering dropping the service entirely - While we're older, I consider myself savvy enough to wade through everything, ask the right questions, and base my decisions on sound advice from a company rep.  Right off the bat, I'm afraid TMobile aren't always so transparent, or don't know the right answers, especially when plans are changing.

              • tmo_mike_c

                That's really sad hearing the impression we left you with skmayor.


                Were you referring to the T-Mobile Advantage Program? If so, then you're correct. Our T-Mobile One plans are not eligible to opt for this program and I'm sorry if we were'n't on the same page with what you wanted before you signed up. I wish we would have done a better job for you but I appreciate you coming here to let us know about this.

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                  • 707-386-0763

                    I switched from AT&T, with whom I was very happy, because a coworker had recommended T-Mobile to me and we were about due to get new phones anyway. I was enjoying a 15% monthly discount on service with AT&T. Before switching to T-Mobile, I too wanted to verify if T-Mobile offered a military discount. I received the same advice from T-Mobile as did skmayor: Sign up for service and then apply to get the discount. Keep in mind, I also signed up back in September of 2016, so I have been anxiously awaiting to see that monthly service discount that supposedly exists.


                    I have called T-Mobile support about this a few times and, while everyone with whom I speak is very kind, I never get the answers I'm looking for. Kindness only goes so far. So, here's my question:


                    Where is my monthly service discount? I submitted all of the required documents at T-Mobile Advantage Program and was expecting to see a monthly 15% discount within 1 - 2 billing cycles.


                    Now I'm reading that it's possible that the T-Mobile ONE plan isn't eligible for military discounts? That would have been nice to know before I switched, because I was specifically interested in the T-Mobile ONE plan WITH A MILITARY DISCOUNT.


                    T-Mobile, while doing some great things to shake up the industry, quite frankly sucks at dealing with military members. So, where do I go from here? I'm thinking I'll just start paying my bill as if I had the discount. $130/month for T-Mobile ONE with two lines - 15% discount = $110.50/month.

                      • tmo_mike_c

                        My apologies if we didn't make this clear to you before you started service with us. It's unfortunate you found out this way, but what you're reading is correct. The T-Mobile Advantage program isn't available for the T-Mobile One plan. I can pass along your feedback about this to our higher-ups. I can't guarantee it'll change, but we appreciate you coming by support to tell us what happened and how you feel.

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                • magenta1801292

                  They did the same thing to me almost. I was told I could get the military discount when I signed up. I am also a disabled veteran (20%). I thank your husband for his service as well as you for your service to him and to protect this country.

                  I signed up Feb 2017, and only went with T-Mobile for the same reason, it was cheaper with the discount than my old plan. No discount was every automatically applied. I sent in the required information 5 times over the past year. Three of those times since January of this year. Never had it applied. Always got the verification letter. I had to call every month for over a year to get the military discount applied to my bill. I was told last month that because I have the promo T-Mobile Plus One plan, I do not qualify for military and that is why it was never applied. They lied to me. I went over a year with no one knowing why I was not getting the discount. Every person I talked to said they were escalating the case, never happened.

                  I was lied to! And then on top of that, I was told that because I do not pay enough each month, my military service does not matter! I want to save money, not spend more. It would not make sense for me to pay more money each month just to get 15% off and the bill would still be higher than it is now.

                  Every person I talked to has acted like they do not care and nothing will be done.

                  I have been looking into other companies. Waiting for a response from a higher up manager to see if something can be done, if not, I am gone.


                  I am also a Veterans Advantage member.