Advantage?  Husband Veteran, signed up because told there was a discount


    What has happened to the page to set up an Advantage discount?  I signed up with TMobile yesterday because two reps told me that I could get the 15% discount (he's a 100% disabled veteran).  The page was up on my screen for two days, after I signed up, I closed the screen, thinking I would come back to it once my sim card arrived (today).  Now, I can't find the page to sign up for it.  Only find Advantage plan for BUSINESS.  What's up with this?


    $15 savings per month meant the difference between my staying with Verizon, or going with Tmobile.  I made the jump, now the rules are changing... in one day?

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            Well, we do have Veteran's Advantage, but that says it is on the simple rate plans only.  I made it absolutely clear to the rep (both of them) that we would switch with the discount, both said the same thing:  Sign up for service first, then apply and verify to get the discount.  I was very clear in my questions.


            Now that I've spent $190 on a new phone and signed up for the unlimited plan, from what I can see there IS NO VETERAN discount for the TMobile One plan.


            I'm pretty thorough before I commit to anything, and expect that I can trust a rep's word - TWO of them in agreement - that I will get the discount I expect. 


            Considering dropping the service entirely - While we're older, I consider myself savvy enough to wade through everything, ask the right questions, and base my decisions on sound advice from a company rep.  Right off the bat, I'm afraid TMobile aren't always so transparent, or don't know the right answers, especially when plans are changing.

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                That's really sad hearing the impression we left you with skmayor.


                Were you referring to the T-Mobile Advantage Program? If so, then you're correct. Our T-Mobile One plans are not eligible to opt for this program and I'm sorry if we were'n't on the same page with what you wanted before you signed up. I wish we would have done a better job for you but I appreciate you coming here to let us know about this.

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                    I switched from AT&T, with whom I was very happy, because a coworker had recommended T-Mobile to me and we were about due to get new phones anyway. I was enjoying a 15% monthly discount on service with AT&T. Before switching to T-Mobile, I too wanted to verify if T-Mobile offered a military discount. I received the same advice from T-Mobile as did skmayor: Sign up for service and then apply to get the discount. Keep in mind, I also signed up back in September of 2016, so I have been anxiously awaiting to see that monthly service discount that supposedly exists.


                    I have called T-Mobile support about this a few times and, while everyone with whom I speak is very kind, I never get the answers I'm looking for. Kindness only goes so far. So, here's my question:


                    Where is my monthly service discount? I submitted all of the required documents at T-Mobile Advantage Program and was expecting to see a monthly 15% discount within 1 - 2 billing cycles.


                    Now I'm reading that it's possible that the T-Mobile ONE plan isn't eligible for military discounts? That would have been nice to know before I switched, because I was specifically interested in the T-Mobile ONE plan WITH A MILITARY DISCOUNT.


                    T-Mobile, while doing some great things to shake up the industry, quite frankly sucks at dealing with military members. So, where do I go from here? I'm thinking I'll just start paying my bill as if I had the discount. $130/month for T-Mobile ONE with two lines - 15% discount = $110.50/month.