Is it possible to participate in both program scenarios?


    I registered for the "Multiple Numbers on One Device" program and finally got it to work correctly after calling into T-mobile support multiple times.  I am now able to send and receive calls from my T-mobile number on my work phone (Google Pixel) with Verizon.


    Is there any way to also participate in the "One Number on Multiple Devices" program?


    Also, if this is possible and I decide to switch over to the "One Number on Multiple Devices" program, does that mean my work phone will not be able to access my T-mobile number any longer?



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      • tmo_tim_b

        Hello doganchen


        You can most definitely participate in both programs at the same time. You just need to go back through and submit a new registration request for the other type. It will not affect the request you already have working. There are some account limits (which I cannot see since I don't have access to your account) during the beta. The ones that stand out are that we need a one to one ratio of DIGITs lines to voice lines. If you have at least two voice lines, you can typically have two digits lines. The other is deposits. We are waiving up to 1 deposit for a DIGITs line. If we've already done that for a customer during the beta, another DIGITs line would not be available during the beta. After the beta, customers in that situation who want additional DIGITs lines will be able to pay a deposit like any other line.


        I will say, if you're using your T-Mobile # on another phone, it sounds like you already have the One Number on Multiple Devices program. Either way, you don't have to switch between one and the other. If you decide at any point you don't want one, you would opt out and we cancel that registration. Until then, you will be able to continue accessing your T-Mobile # on the Google phone.


        I hope that helps!

        • tmo_tim_b

          Hello doganchen


          Did you get the requests all sorted out? Do you have any further questions?


          Please let us know. Thank you!