Anyone else having habitual issues with WiFi Calling on V10 or V20?


    Last year, I traded my LG V10 in for an iPhone 6s+. The V10 gave me constant issues with wifi calling. TMo 4G/LTE coverage at my place is pretty bad and I used to be able to rely on WiFi calling back in Colorado.


    After rearranging my routers, playing around with wifi repeaters, buying the best Netgear router there is, I gave up and bought another phone. Namely, the iPhone 6s+.


    Guess what? Problem gone. I was pretty loathe to go back to Apple. I prefer the openness of the Android platform. But what works is what works and I stuck with the iPhone 6s+ for about a year.


    The V20 came out. I got excited about going back to Android and the inclusion of the quad audio DACs allows me to bust out my high quality FLACs. Plus, my Volvo S60RD just prefers Android over iOS.


    I figured...incorrectly....that TMo WiFi issues on the LG phones should be resolved. So, traded in my iPhone 6s+ and now I'm on week three with the LG V20.


    All day today, nothing but problems. Its an exact repeat of the issues I had with the V10. I am literally five feet away from my basement WAP and TMo wifi has been going in and out.


    I am about to trade this phone in for an iPhone 7+. I don't want to. I really REALLY prefer to be on Android. But personally and professionally, I can't keep going like this.


    Network-wise, I am running a Nighthawk R7000 in basement as a WAP. My router is a Nighthawk R8000. I have another Netgear R7000 in WAP mode covering the third floor and backyard. I have about 46 items on my network across all APs- which was no problem on the iPhone. Latest Netgear firmware. Latest V20 updates. I bounce my network once per week (its automated). I have no other issues with wifi coverage. I can do 4K via Plex without issues to any connected device. This is a robust home network.


    That said, I'm open to anything.

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