Overseas Digits on Android -- still making an international call?


    I was considering using wifi or my second (swedish) sim with data to make calls from my T-mobile number, to save myself the (very reasonable) 20 cents per minute for calls back to the States during a trip next week. I have loaded the Digits app on my dual sim phone (Axon 7), using my Google voice number as the registered (shadow) number. It appears that voice calls within the app are made using the GSM (phone) dialing a U.S. number in the background, rather than purely over data -- as is the case on non-voice capable (non phone) computers, tablets, etc. So, am  I correct that my plan to dodge international calling charges via Digits and data will not work.


    My proven fall back to make lower-cost calls (especially lengthy ones) is to use Skype phone with Swedish (3 cents per  minute to US numbers) , which I have configured with Caller ID to show my Tmobile number......When using Skype phone, not limited to calling Skype users, can dial any land or mobile line. And, with no video , the voice calls use  VERY little data, can be made using (cheap) Swedish pay-as-you-go sim and minimal data plan.

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        Hello pedrotex


        Definitely some great questions here. In order to answer your question, I referred to our FAQs (DIGITS beta program FAQs). We have two points on international calling that should address what to expect with our DIGITs app while roaming internationally.


        Can I make international calls in the beta?

        The DIGITS application works internationally–call through the app just as you normally would.

        • Chargeable usage like international calling or premium paid messages are charged as normal; the app automatically switches to DATA mode so that you can take advantage of Simple Global and not incur any additional costs. Additional value added services such as voicemail to text and name ID are charged as normal. These services won't be waived during the beta period.
        • If, as part of the beta, we provided you with a secondary SIM card for you line, this device won't be eligible to work internationally; please make sure to take your primary device.


        Will the DIGITS app work when domestically and internationally roaming?

        The DIGITS app has you covered when roaming domestically. However, because there’s a 50 MB cap on domestic roaming data usage, all apps requiring data will stop working, including the DIGITS app, Internet browsing, email, and maps.

        • You can still use the DIGITS app to see messages, voicemails, and call histories, but no new information will come in and you won’t be able to use any of the DIGITS in the app.
        • Once your phone comes back into T-Mobile network coverage or Wi-Fi coverage the DIGITS app starts working again.
        • The DIGITS app has you covered when roaming internationally. However, slower data speeds may cause intermittent issues.


        Does that help? Please let me know.

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          Hello pedrotex


          I just wanted to check in with you. Did you have any further questions regarding this?


          Thank you!

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            This thread was the product of our fantastic collaborators during DIGITS Beta! As many terms have changed and bugs have been exterminated since the Beta launched, the information here may no longer be accurate. If you still have a question, please search our active threads or ask a new question in the DIGITS space!