Not Registered on network unable to make any calls


    Folks I am having a major problem, I am away in an area where there's hardly any tmobile service but there's ATT and Verizon service.

    My phone is showing 4 bars but it does not say 4glte or anything, so when I go to make a call it's telling me not registered on network.


    So far what I have tried is the following

    -Settings, More Networks, Mobile networks

    -Changed network mode from LTE  /WCDMA/GSM (AUTO CONNECT)     to WCDMA only

    And this has not made a difference at all.

    -Next I clicked on network operators and selected search now it displays ATT & Verizon so I tried each time with one

    or the other then when I selected as example ATT it says registering on AT&T, next I get an error telling me Unable to register on network.


    And now I am back to where I started still unable to make any calls. This is very frustrating does Tmobile not allow you to roam for service? All I want to do is make a darn phone call and or receive one in the event of an emergency from family member who is ill. Instead I have to drive around and look for Wi-Fi spots like I am doing right now typing this from a breakfast place.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Oh no snowyowl.


        Driving around just trying to get service is just no fun. I have a few thoughts on what can hlep. First, have you tried to turn the phone's settings to use 2G service only? You might be able to connect to AT&T if we have a roaming agreement where you are. Our Coverage Map will show where we have a service partner you can connect to.


        If you're back in an area you know for sure you used to get T-Mobile service, can you scan for networks to see if T-Mobile shows up? You could also try removing the SIM for a moment and putting it back in to see if the phone reconnects. Please keep us posted on this so we can help.

        • tmo_marissa

          Hi snowyowl!  How is everything going for you?  I wanted to check in and see if MC's suggestions had proven useful.  Did you have any luck connecting to a roaming partner?  Are you still travelling?


          - Marissa