Many iOS issues


    So, I'm currently travelling internationally (as I do a lot). This iOS Difits app really is more of an alpha, than a beta. It is far from smooth. I hope there are a lot of changes ahead shortly. I she a few comments and questions.


    My desired usage this trip was simple. I have a google Fi SIM. And, keep in mind, Google Fi now offers full LTE international data at the

    same $10/GB as domestic, which is far faster than T-Mo One plus I have. So, I figure I'd use the Fi SIM on the iPhone for the LTE, And use the digits app to facilitate my normal T-Mo number. This way if ah e the fast data, and also get my main numbers' SMSs via the Digits app.


    So, after struggling a bit in the digits all, to discover the Fi number, I finally got it. I then encountered the following issues:


    1) Calls did not come in on Digits. Consistently went to my voicemail. Would not ring, with either data only or the minutes option.

    However, the couple times a few weeks ago I got it to ring, it rang through the app. How come it doesn't hook into the new iOS 10 phone API, like WhatsApp and other voip type apps do?


    2) when I restarted the phone, the digits app was in a perpetual loop to activate my digits line. It never popped into active line. I gave up the Fi SIM idea, and went back to my T-Mo SIM


    3) SMSs don't come in order on occasion. I start the digits app after the Fi SIM is inserted, and up to 10 minutes later, a random SMS will arrive that was between and earlier and later one in a thread.


    ALso, no matter how I set the options up (data only, or using minutes), my T-Mo numbers' caller ID doesn't show up to the recipient on outgoing calls. Is this a known issue?


    I find the app to be very fickle and unreliable. It doesn't seem to hook into iOS as seamlessly as any other voip or messaging app.


    I Should also mention that during today's experiment, the Google Fi SIM worked perfectly in my iPhone On its own. I just can't afford to not have incoming SMSs from my T-Mo number. Which is what I was hoping the digits apps main advantage would be in this scenario.


    Im very much in favor of having this app work properly. I'd be happy to discuss these issues and attempt solutions via voice, if that would be helpful.

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      • tmo_tim_b

        Re: Many iOS issues

        Hello jeffharris


        That's quite a bit you're dealing with, and we appreciate the feedback. I do have some questions to see if we can resolve some of these issues. I will say the app is not integrated into the native OS. While we are working with manufacturers to do that, and have some Android devices where it is built-in, I don't know what the future looks like on iOS. Either way, it should be working better than what you've experienced up to this point. I've tested it on iOS devices myself, though not internationally. One thing I do know, per our FAQs (located here: is that regardless of OS "The DIGITS app has you covered when roaming internationally. However, slower data speeds may cause intermittent issues."


        When it comes to the app, I would like to check a couple things. First, even though you sign in and activate the line, when you click on settings within the app, does the line show active there as well or does it show inactive? Is this what you meant by it appears to be perpetually signing in? If it shows inactive, the calls and sms will not come through even if the previous screen indicated otherwise. For messages, please also make sure iMessage is turned off. This is a known issue in iOS. If the line is active and iOS is off with you still having these issues, we may want to PM you for further details.


        Second, also within settings, can you check to make sure network is set to data only please (I know you've tried both...I would encourage you to leave it on data only for now)?


        For the caller ID, what does show up? Does this only happen when you are international or have it been able to try it in the US on a T-Mobile tower with the same results?


        Finally, in the device settings, if you look at the data usage section, is the app in any way restricted?


        We look forward to hearing back from you. Thank you!

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          • jeffharris

            Re: Many iOS issues

            well, although I'm back in the US, many of the issues I mentioned, SOMETIMES resolved. I cant reproduce bugs in a consistent manner.


            i Still could never get calls on iOS. although calls do come in through the android app. I have been trying it on both of my devices, one at a time (meaning id have my main SIM in one, and use the Doug it's app on the other.


            the Android app seems to work more consistently than the iOS app. And, one of the beautiful things about iOS is most apps are bulletproof, but unfortunately, the Digits app is very shakey, and seems more like an alpha. Because of the main problem of it not integrating into the iOS phone APK, i cant see the final product being a bulletproof solution to the concept that digitsa is. Which by the way, i love the concept. I would use it internationally all the time if i could. But i cant rely on it for 100% reliability (Yet).


            so all in all, the biggest problem seems to be that on iOS, calls are not coming in through the digits app.


            maybe a few versions down the road, ill try another comprehensive test.

          • tmo_amanda

            Re: Many iOS issues

            Happy Friday, jeffharris!


            Have you had a chance to look at all of the feedback and questions that Tim posted above? We're hoping you get back to us so we can help you out.


            Have a fantastic weekend!