Beta Testing Duplicate Line on Windows Phone


    I would like to volunteer to beta test Duplicate Line service on a Windows Phone.  I suspect there isn't a very large user pool beta testing Digits with Windows Phones.


    I'm willing to buy/invest in an Alcatel Idol S4 if T-Mobile would sell me a device at a reduced price.


    Private Message me and let me know if this is possible.  Thanks.

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      • tmo_tim_b

        Re: Beta Testing Duplicate Line on Windows Phone

        Hello bordelais


        We appreciate your desire to test another device and OS for us. Windows doesn't have an app for the beta testing, as I'm sure you know, so the duplicate line testing would be with another SIM and would provide the same functionality the device does with any other SIM. At the same time, we are not offering reduced cost phones to participate in this beta. If you would like to see your pricing or any offers T-Mobile has for this device (which currently includes the Windows 10 VR), please log into, visit a store, or call 611.


        Thank you so much.

        • camsoper

          Re: Beta Testing Duplicate Line on Windows Phone

          I suspect you're right!  I'm on a Lumia 950 XL myself, but I'm also a Microsoft employee. 

          • ericshmerick

            I would also like to test on Windows Phone. I have a 950XL and data doesn't work with the DIGITS SIM in it only voice.

            • tmo_amanda


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