Simple Choice versus One Plus International


    I have Simple Choice w/Unlimited Data, with 5Gb of HotSpot now and I am thinking about moving to One Plus International. It's tough to find all the fine print and the price seems lower with more features than I have now and I am just looking for anyone who cna highlight if there is a downside I might be thinking about. Seems like I am getting more for a lower price and I am alway wary of a deal that seems too good to be true.

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      • miket

        I have SC and I don't see any more features on the new plan.  We have all of NA, Intl. roaming, all the data we need (which is small 2G/mo fast data.)  6 lines for about $150/mo.  New plan would be $200.

           What new "features" do you see?  I assume the ones a lot of users on this forum use (video and music) are on both plans.

          • checkyourmirrors

            I didn't go back and look but at least with the One Plus International you get Unlimited Wifi on flights (not just 1 hour+messaging), and you get unlimited Hot Spot and International Calling, plus increased Interational Speeds. For us those would be good as we travel a fair amount. I pay about $200 for three lines without Jump fees so for me it looks to be cheaper but wondering about the fine print.

              • miket

                We have made use of intl. roaming in 12+ countries.  The speeds have been fast enuf to use the GPS feature from Google to navigate hiways from Romania to Ecuador.  Other than that we just use data for emails.  Extra speed would be nice and maybe make for improved  and varied connection possibilities.  

                    I am assuming the new + plan includes the video and music free data options.   Much of my flying is on red eyes - so don't use wifi, even when free.  I don't think TM's wifi deal cover most of the airlines I take  (JetBlue, Virgin Air, often -and overseas carriers a couple times/yr.

                   $200 for a 3 line 5G SC plan sounds high.  Base price for 3 lines was (is) $90.  With fees/taxes - $105.  They weren't charging $90+ to kick 3 lines up a notch to 5G each.    Wonder if you have some other add on?

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                  • checkyourmirrors

                    I finally did the XLS comparision after grabbing my bill and today I pay $165 for the three lines, Under the ONE Plus International on two lines and One on one line, it is $185. I get some added functionallity for the extra $20 but debating if it is worth it. If I did the apple to apples on my current three lines, it would be slightly more it seems.


                    I am curious and hoping you know that a charge which does show up currently is the below and do you know if it is optional? I am paying $12/line for it and I don't think I want the insurance on at least two of the lines. So can I get rid of it?


                    JUMP, Insurance, Warranty, and Mobile Sec Tier 4-5          $12

                      • miket

                        I would assume you can drop the (worthless) ins.   All I know about ins. is what I read here.  You pay $700 for a phone.  If you put in a claim- you pay $200? $250? for a used phone replacement.   A used phone might be worth $300-$350.

                        In the course of a year you may have spent $100 for "insurance".

                           Doesn't make sense to me.  Of course my numbers could be slightly off.  

                • tmo_marissa

                  Hey checkyourmirrors!  Looks like miket had a lot of great insight here - were you able to make your decision?  Please let us know if you still have any questions!


                  - Marissa