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    Hello there, will the Tab E 8 be getting Android N? Spoke to a Samsung rep on the chat function and they said yes though they sounded more like they were talking generally about Samsung devices. I would be pretty upset if there was no update seeing as how the mid range LG tablet on T-Mobile seems to be getting the update very soon. Here's my conversation with the Samsung agent:


    Visitor: Will the Samsung tab e8 be upgraded to android N?

    Visitor: I would like to buy one but only if it will be upgraded to android N

    Ronnie: Let me check that for you.

    Ronnie: Samsung Galaxy comes with Android Marshmallow.

    Visitor: Yes will it be updated?

    Ronnie: As and when the new latest Android version is available from Samsung, it will release the android update to the tablet.

    Ronnie: It will take some time though.

    Visitor: I am really hoping so

    Visitor: thank you for the help

    Ronnie: You are welcome.

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      • tmo_amanda

        Re: Android 7.0 update

        Happy Friday, georatm!



        It sounds like you got some great information from chatting with Samsung. As far as T-Mobile rolling any updates out, we don't have an update to that. We're pretty good about updating our upcoming software page when we begin testing out the updates. I wish I had more solid info to provide you with but my best recommendation is to keep an eye on the linked page I provided.

          • georatm

            Re: Android 7.0 update

            Feeling kind of ripped off at the moment, your sales rep recommended the tab e vs the LG tablet. LG is already working on the update to N on your software page and the tab e is completely absent from the software page. This isn't cool seeing as I bought two of these tablets. Samsung and T-Mobile need to get these tablets on N at the minimum if they charge $240 for them.

            • georatm

              Re: Android 7.0 update

              Honestly I'm pretty sure Samsung and T-Mobile will be doing nothing to update the Tab 8E while people who bought LG G Pad X8 are getting 7.0. Not cool at all!

                • theartiszan

                  Re: Android 7.0 update

                  Well there is really nothing T-Mobile can do to upgrade it. Google already has released the version, now Samsung needs to develop it for the specific devices that they have sold. Samsung has not released the update for a lot of it's tablets which are even wifi only. From articles like this one below, it isn't even on the list of ones confirmed by Samsung to be getting the update.


                  So it really is in Samsung's court to decide to update this device or not. And while this model isn't that old, it was one of their cheeper models so they might well decide not to update them.