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    Holy Crap! I went to the Auburn MA. TMobile store just to ask a question about my phone,  The rep said you know you can upgrade to a new phone for free I said, no thanks.  she pestered me assuring me it would be absolutely free, my bill would not change and that  my choice of 3 accessories would be free too.   even the manager said the stuff would be free. So that sold me  and guess what my bill went up by $50.00 a month because of course it wasn't free same store did the same thing to my friend. Do I have any recourse here?  is there any way to get in touch with the regional store manager. If not to get compensation, just to let him know whats going on.



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        I imagine what happened was that the items were free...out the door that day...no upfront cost, but then the info about the monthly additional charges were on the screen you signed at the register.


        Sophistry...wordplay.  I believe it to be wrong to present a sales tactic that relies on the customer taking the wrap in the end by pushing the blame off within the fine print.


        T-Mobile is all about clear, easy, and simple transparency.  Seems that no matter how a you look at it, a sale should start up front and end the same.  Seems maybe this wasn't the case here.


        I haven't found a contact list for T-Mobile myself, which is a bit strange given Verizon's Leadership page does/used to connect you to local, divisional, and regional officers where getting a call-back was at least a 50-50 chance.



        M-F 7:30AM PST

        This is a most likely outdated list from 2009.

        Take Your Tmobile Complaints To The Tippity-Top – Consumerist

        • stevetjr

          Re: T Mobile store rep Lied

          Unfortunately in any commissioned sales environment you will get bad apples like this and even more unfortunate is in my experience you will tend to see it at a store level since obviously the manager either encourages it, demands it or at a minimum tolerates it.  Also know that not all T-Mobile stores are "corporate" stores as some are run by third party company as a franchise.


          In either case T-Mobile doesn't have a direct email/phone number to call with complaints.  Your best way to contact them is via social media and they will respond.  Below is the link to get to their pages on FB & Twitter.


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          • tmo_mike_c

            Re: T Mobile store rep Lied

            Oh man I wish you would have had a better experience with us congojack. If you were told your bill wouldn't go up, there should have been no surprises. You're welcome to use FB or Twitter as suggested above to voice what happened. I sent you a private message you can get to here: https://support.t-mobile.com/inbox


            You can reply to that message and I'll report this for you myself. I do understand it doesn't make up for what happened, but I can make sure this is sent to the right department.


            Thank you for telling us about this.

            • magenta2428748

              Re: T Mobile store rep Lied

              Yep same happened to me, they told me it was all free I switched to Tmobile to save money and now I looked at my bill which I never do and I’m being charged for all this “free” stuff I was being pressured into getting in the first place. I didn’t even want the stuff. I’ve contacted two Tmobile assosiates now and they tell me to go back to the store. Why should I have to go back to the store when I’m contacting TMOBILE company. And I am definitely not the only person this Has happened to and it’s not just the store I went to either.

                • dc5fan

                  Re: T Mobile store rep Lied

                  Reading posts like this, and in other forums I don't think I would depend on a T-Mo store to purchase a phone. Friday I placed a call to the rep at the Urbana, IL store by using his card. I had a question about the two towers close to me. Never received a return call. Either he was too busy, or he didn't work there anymore. There's a pretty good chance that I may never need help from T-Mobile social media. My problem would be as I don't do the FB or Twitter thing. $999 for a phone that will be null and void in two years or less! Another member made the same statement in another area of the Community. I do know that a rep at the Champaign, IL store was a big help to go through my S5 and reset the T-Mo settings. I may go back to the Urbana store if I have another problem.

                  • tmo_mike_c

                    Re: T Mobile store rep Lied

                    Oh what a bummer magenta2428748 . If we offered something to you, we definitely want you to take advantage of any promos we offer whether it's in the store of over the phone. Did the store rep give you more details about exactly what the offer was to switch? We don't want you to have to to go back to the store, but have you spoken with the person that made you to offer? I'm just trying to get some clarification on exactly what was discussed.