Digits sign up did not give me gear s3 option?


    Hello everyone,


    I downloaded the digits beta app and got approved for multiple devices on one number but it does not give me an option to add my Samsung gear s3? It only shows my primary number as active. I read different questions and have seen that before you sign up it ask for your watches iccid which I did not get as an option did  I do something wrong? Do I have to call T-Mobile to get a virtual sim for my gear s3? Thank you


    These are the only options I get for one number on multiple devices which shows no smartwatch options ?

    • A T-Mobile smartphone
    • A T-Mobile phone number
    • A T-Mobile ID (which is the email you use to log in to T-Mobile). If you don’t have a T-Mobile ID, you can get one when you sign up.
    • An additional device, including:
      • A desktop computer
      • A tablet





    This is the email I have received

    Scenario: Test B-One Number on Multiple Devices

    Device: Non-TMO Phone

    Registration date: 1/8/2017

    Confirmation number: 2e8505

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