BUG:  iPhone DIGITS App - Stuck SMS Unread Notifications


    I wanted to share some feed back on a possible bug.



    I ran into a condition where the DIGITS app on iPhone will show unread SMS messages you can't access or clear.



    I had multiple lines (other family members) on my account initially registered in the DIGITS app.  While those lines were registered I received SMS messages that I never opened for privacy reasons.  I later removed some of the lines in https://mydigits.t-mobile.com/.


    The problem is the app continues to show I have unread messages without a way to read or clear the notification.



    I assume I could have temporarily re-added the lines and read/delete each of the SMS messages to clear the notifications.  Short of that, I had to delete the DIGITS app and re-install to clear the cached app data.



    This can be really confusing, especially if you don't realize the notifications came from a line no longer registered.  I my case, at first I went through all the registered lines looking for the unread messages and after going through all my messages individually Icouldn't figure out why I continued to have unread SMS messages.


    Maybe code could be added that restricts the iOS notifications to only show for currently registered lines?

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