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how can i can duplicate sim cards for my other devices


    I recently discovered my duplicate SIM isn't working in any of my spare phones.


    None of the phones are recent enough to be able to use the DIGITD app, and two of them aren't even Android phones.


    All the phones work fine with the SIM I have for another line.

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      • tmo_chris

        Hey azdreamscape,


        Is this a second duplicate SIM card that you have? If so, has this SIM ever worked? What happens when you place this SIM card in a phone? Is the phone even able to get signal?

        • azdreamscape

          It's the first and original duplicate SIM.

          Regrettably, I'm not sure if I put it in a phone when I first got it. I did use it in one of my tablets for a while, until recently. It worked fine in the tablet.


          When the SIM is in a phone, I get calls and texts just fine. Data works as well, I used a phone (with the duplicate SIM in it) as a hotspot all day today. All four of the phones I tried get four bars signal.


          When I put a different SIM in any of those phones I can call out, get calls and texts, etc., so it's not the phones or cell signal at issue.


          Perhaps I borked the SIM (or the system) by using the SIM in a non-voice device?

            • tmo_chris

              I am still having a hard time understanding your specific situation


              How many SIM cards do you have for your primary DIGITS including your original SIM (before DIGITS)


              You said "When I put a different SIM in any of those phones I can call out, get calls and texts, etc., so it's not the phones or cell signal at issue." Is the issue with data?

                • azdreamscape

                  I have my original SIM, for my main phone.

                  I have another SIM for a secondary line I acquired on Magenta Friday.

                  I have a duplicate SIM I was sent for the DIGITS beta testing.


                  Duplicate SIM doesn't work in any of my spare phones for outgoing use only. Works fine for incoming.


                  All phones work normally when the SIM for the secondary line is in place.

                    • azdreamscape

                      OK, I found the drop-down menu in the 'My Digits' management page.


                      The duplicate line was in fact paired with my main number.

                      I got brave, and unpaired the lines.

                      I then see the drop-down to choose a line, re-paired the duplicate to my main number...same results when calling out...RECORDING: 'This call cannot be completed as dialed...'

                      I tried pairing the duplicate with my secondary number, same results (no calling out!)

                      I tried re-pairing with my main number again, no change.

                      Up to this point I have had the phone with the duplicate SIM off while making changes.


                      I tried again with the phone on, but that didn't help any, still getting a recording when trying to call out

                        • tmo_chris

                          Thanks for clarifying The issue you are having does appear to be more of a provisioning type issue where the network does not yet know that duplicate SIM card can be used as your primary line. I would recommend that you reach out to the beta support team using the number at the bottom of your welcome email so that we can have a specialist look at how your account is set up.