PC Messages count is wrong


    Does anyone else have a problem where PC shows number for messages which is wrong?

    It shows "21" for count for me, but only two threads are visible that have 4 messages total.

    What's the count is for?




    Plus I saw two threads first with the same number (old messages in one thread, then new sms in new thread with my reply) but after reloading the page it turned into one thread but only with incoming messages. A bit confusing. Is it normal?


    Also doing the following opens the same conversation in two windows:

    1. Click on conversation in main window (above Coyotes or cold dogs..., for example)

    2. Click on triple dots menu icon in thread window, click out into empty space

    3. Click on conversation in main window again (same Coyotes or cold dogs...)

    4. Now there are two identical thread windows Intentional?

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      • dshrum84

        Re: PC Messages count is wrong

        Mine was indicating unread messages but not showing any in the threads for a few days.  Last night I cleared the history on Chrome, closed it and reopened it.  After that, suddenly the "extra" unread texts aren't indicated anymore.

        • tmo_tim_b

          Re: PC Messages count is wrong

          Hello bugabuga


          First of all, thank you so much for participating in our beta program!


          I will tell you the count has been an issue we're working on at this time. I've seen many people report it, and I have had the same issue myself.


          The identical threads issue I have not yet seen, so I would like to get some further information. Will you please tell me which browser(s) you are using? Also, have you cleared cache and cookies (similar to what dshrum84 mentioned to clear the incorrect counts)?


          Thank you!

            • dshrum84

              Re: PC Messages count is wrong

              Upon logging in a few minutes ago, I now have 2 "unread texts" that aren't anywhere to be read.  I also have 2 more contacts whose text threads have been divided into 2 threads, making 5 instead of 3.

              • bugabuga

                Re: PC Messages count is wrong



                Chrome Version 55.0.2883.95 (64-bit) on Mac Os X.

                I have cleared cache and cookies and it didn't make any difference (see steps in my initial post to replicate)

                My unread count is 21 now and selecting two threads doesn't change anything any more

                Also only incoming messages are shown in the thread, not outgoing

                (iPhone 7, iMessage is off, but shouldn't matter anyway as the other recipient is on Android)

                Also, when using Voicemail tab it just gives a day of the week instead of actual date of the message. It's lovely that voicemail was left on Monday but _which_ Monday


                And it doesn't bother to format international numbers. So for US number +1 (555) 555-5555 (nice) but for international +75555555555 (okay, I guess, not critical)

                dshrum84 Yeah looks like a common problem. It's like it keeps the counts but then decides to hide some threads (but still counts them)

              • tmo_tim_b

                Re: PC Messages count is wrong

                Hello bugabuga


                First, thank you for the additional information. I also was able to duplicate the issue. I misunderstood one detail at first. I realize that you don't have to click on the three dots either. If the thread window is highlighted, it won't open a new copy of the thread. If the thread window is not highlighted, it will open a new copy. No more than two thread windows can be active at once, but I agree it should be able to realize you already have a specific thread open and not open a second copy.


                The count issue we are still working.


                The formatting for numbers I don't anticipate changing.


                Also, for the voicemail day of week issue, I'm wondering if it matters how old it is. I see a lot of systems that state Monday if it was the most recent Monday, but would show a date/more specific info if it was a Monday prior to that. Do you have voicemail older than a week displayed there?

                  • bugabuga

                    Re: PC Messages count is wrong



                    All voicemails are old (older than a week). I've just left a new voicemail and it got marked with time instead of the day of the week, so this only seem to affect older voicemails. Ideally, I'd like to see date/time of the voicemail? Or at least have it as an option in settings ("Check to see date of voicemail"). Also my voicemail got greeting reset for whatever reason ( might be related to new Digits SIM being mailed out -- I kinda presumed it wouldn't change my greeting). Also clicking "Message" icon next to voicemail doesn't do anything (I presume it's supposed to open a new message thread to write a text to whoever left the voicemail)


                    Counts seem to have been fixed -- I've just re-logged in and voila, all threads are there, counts accurate and updated as I've read them on the web.


                    One more silly thing -- if you send SMS/MMS to yourself, only SMS shows up in real time on PC.

                    Detailed steps to reproduce:

                    - Open conversation thread with your own phone number

                    - Open SMS/MMS app on the phone (iPhone 7 in this case, Messages with iMessage turned off)

                    - On the phone attach image, click send

                    - Phone shows it as sent, shows message as received in a bit

                    - PC window doesn't show anything new

                    - Send SMS (just with text or Unicode text) -- SMS shows up instantly, everything is fine

                    - Send MMS from PC (attach button -> pick an image, attach it to the message, send) this will show up fine everywhere

                    - Save image in Messages on the phone, re-attach it back, send. This will show fine on the phone, but won't show up on PC


                    I do see MMS image I've sent to a friend yesterday, so this might be a "special" case (but use case would be "snap a picture with a phone, open thread on PC, save picture" -- convoluted but might happen)



                      • tmo_kirstin

                        Re: PC Messages count is wrong

                        Wow, thank you so much for all the information! These are the little things we are looking to fix during this beta and you have provided us with a lot of great information. So that we can get the bug reports filed to get these issues fixed I am going to have someone reach out via PM to get more information from you!

                    • tmo_chris

                      Re: PC Messages count is wrong

                      Hey bugabuga,


                      I just sent you a private message so we can take a closer look at the issue you are having.