I cancelled my line but still need to pay the lastest bill. However, T-mobile asks me to enter my T-mobile phone number to send me a verification code to log-in. I do not have access anymore to the messages send to that number. How can I pay my bill?

    Moreover, I was in the US only for few months and I came back to France, and my French number does not fit the space the website let me to put my French number.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hi mathilde!  I'm sorry that we lost you - though at least it sounds like we lost you to a beautiful location and for good reason!    If you were on an individual plan and your line is completely cancelled, your MyT-Mobile login will actually be disabled when the line is closed - the redirect with the password verification text is misleading, I'm sorry you've been spending time in this loop trying to access the site.  If you were on a family plan you may be able to log in using one of the other numbers on the account if any are still active!  Alternatively, you can Contact Us using the international roaming number listed on the left side of the page to do so.  On cancelled accounts the payment processing fee is waived, though you may incur charges with your local carrier to place the call.  I understand this isn't ideal since it sounds like you're already located overseas - but hopefully the call will be quick!  Thank you for reaching out to settle your final balance, I hope you're having a happy New Year.


        - Marissa