Can't activate line on ipad mini


    Hi there.I have two ipads:

    Ipad Air LTE running os10.1

    Ipad mini wifi running os 10.2


    I can activate and use DIGITS fine on the ipad air, but it will not work on the mini. Here is what happens on ipad mini:


    1. Log in using user id anad password

    2. Device authenticates and i am presented with screen to activate line by sliding switch

    3. I slide switch and get message that kline has been succesfully activated

    4. I can get into the main app but line shows as inactive and i cannot make calls or texts.  In settings tab, line shows INACTIVE below it and oddly, no username shows in the left column (on my ipad air, it shows my emal address above the line inleft column)

    5. In settings tab right column, status just shows a spinning loader


    I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app several times. I have deauthorized that line from web admin and reauthorized it several times. Same result.


    Not sure if its a a 10.2 issue, or it doesnt like the wifi only. Any ideas here?

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