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    I gave someone my phone number over the internet, and I'm afraid that they'll find me (where I live, etc.). If I change my number, will that prevent them from finding me? If so, can they still track my location even if I don't have my old number anymore?

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      • tmo_mike_c

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        That's a really scary feeling. I don't have any info on someone using a phone number to find exactly where someone is located, but if you'd like change your number, you can Contact Us and have an account specialist do this for you.

        • barcodeable

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          it is possible to find someone using your phone number. but the phone number is just a key component to the puzzle. If some weird person has your number and give you some sort of indication they will look for you, you generally will be safe depending on their level of expertise. The things that i dont like, and the reason why i have closed all of my social media accounts is that many of these companies attach your phone number to your account. Facebook for example, dince this scary person has your number they can look you up on facebook based on your phone number if you have that phone number associated eith your account. Or the person can look you up on Facebook based on your email address that you signed up with Facebook. I think there are safeguards and settings to prevent this, but im unsure since i nolonger use Facebook.


          but your number and/or email address can be used to find your social media accounts. Then after finding your account, your name and friendsinformation can be ascertained. Then based on the information you list on your Facebook page such as "where you work", "what school you attended", what clubs and organizations you attend the scary person can gather more information about you and gather loads of your personal photos as a bonus. And based on what information you provided on your post on social media, and all of the information that can be gathered from photos.... such as what school your kids go to.... the scary person could just visit your kids school and wait to see you show up and then follow you home and then they will know where you live.


          i would suggest, instead of giving out your "real number".... get a disposable free number to text strangers.... i have several numbers that does not revert back to me that i give to questionsble people.


          you have to keep in mind, many of these free "Apps" you download on your phones have access to your phone number and they use it to sell to other sources for $$$$.


          My personal information had been posted online before, including a photo of me and my spouse that was extracted from my Facebook account when i had one.... i was so angry. if you read the fineprint on many of the permissions you give facebook, google, myspace, twitter, etc., you give them permission to use your information and pictures with their affiliates. If you go online right now and do a background check on yourself online.... the information you will find is all the information you yourself have provided online in the past. It takes some time to delete this information... but it is be Anonymous.