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    I've decided to try digits, my primary number, to use on a Google Fi data only SIM. Mainly as I'll be travelling in Europe this week, and I prefer to pay the now available intl $10/gb for LTE everywhere on Google Fi, rather than use the 256kb on T-Mo One Plus.


    Can I expect call waiting to work as usual on using Digits?

    And, I believe I read, but confirming, on iOS, there's no way to change the digits ring?

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      • tmo_kendra

        Re: Call waiting

        Hey there jeffharris, thank you for participating in DIGITS. Yes!!! Call waiting will work as normal while using DIGITS. The best part of that is when you have an incoming call while on the phone, you will see who is calling and what number they are calling.


        I am not sure if there is any plan to change the ring on IOS. But this feedback has been submitted to our support group for consideration. Hope you have a wonderful and safe trip!!

        • tmo_mike_c

          Re: Call waiting



          This thread was the product of our fantastic collaborators during DIGITS Beta! As many terms have changed and bugs have been exterminated since the Beta launched, the information here may no longer be accurate. If you still have a question, please search our active threads or ask a new question in the DIGITS space!