No voicemail (fast busy) & ringing strangeness.


    Hey, all!


    I'm doing the same number on multiple devices trial.  Primary device is an iPhone 6S.  Installed the Digits App on an iPhone SE.  Will be putting the cloned SIM into an Android device.


    Voicemail on my T-Mobile account is directed to YouMail (i.e. call forward conditional - no answer/busy).


    So far, I have the Digits App setup and validated on the iPhone SE.  When I call my primary number (6S), after two rings, the iPhone SE rings.


    This is where the weird behavior happens.  After about four rings, the SE stops ringing.  Then the 6S stops ringing.  Then about a ring later, the 6S starts ringing again.  Then a few rings later, the SE starts ringing again.  Then the number I'm calling from gets a fast busy instead of voicemail.    This cycle repeated three times (primary 6S rang, quit ringing, rang again, quit ringing, rang again) ad noted by its call log.


    Every once in a  while, even though the phone I'm calling from has hung up (after all that ringing and then the fast busy instead of voicemail), the 6S will ring yet once again.


    Turned Digits off on the iPhone SE.  Now we are down to just the primary (6S).  6s rings about eight times.  The calling phone then gets a fast busy instead of voicemail.



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