T-Mobile providing misleading information. Initially told me on 10/25/16 that I will start getting refund in 1-2 billing cycles and today told me that I would not receive it as my Plan is not correct.


    I traded in my old iPhone 6 for iPhone 7 during the promotional offer in September and was advised that my 165$ (one time refund) and  20$ refund each month would start getting credited in 2 billing cycles. I got my 165$ but have not received my 20$ credits from T-mobile. On Oct 25, 2016, I called the customer representative and he assured that it takes time and my account will be refunded in 1-2 billing cycles. Today when I called them again, they said that you need to be in T-mobile ONE plan to receive the credits (which was obviously not told by the store which I went to for my trade-in). Also, I put in the trade in before T-mobile introduced the ONE plan "eligibility". How can they now tell me that I won't be getting refund? Frustrated.

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