Experience went bad


    I'm not sure If i'll grt any help any more.


    I came to the US as a visitor. I did not explore options and went directly to T mobile.


    I took a family batch explaining exactly that each kne of us will head his own way and that each will pay his own bill.


    I suddenly got calls from my friends saying that I'm the only one that can pay. They already left. I called custoemr service and stayed online for 45 minutes and the line was not even registered in my name. The agent knew to only take my passport and swipe my visa. I went to spectrum and the agent only made sure to make me sound stupid. I could not even pay my bills saying that it did not even generate. I told him I'm traveling overseas and the only thing he offered is to CONTACT CUSTOMER CARE! in a T Mobile store, I'm asked to call customer support.

    Now I'm overseas. not allowed to pay my bill or cancel my line.


    THe agent made everything sound so easy but it was not.


    I want to pay my bill and cancel my line. PLEASE! CAN I?

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