Enhancement Request: Put favorites on CALLS tab.


    Environment: Galaxy Tab E



    1. Open app and go to CALLS tab. (Default for me.)



    Across bottom of tab see:

    • Keypad
    • Recent (log?)
    • Missed Calls
    • Voice mail


    Desired Results:

    Add button for Favorites.


    I know I can:

    1. Select CONTACTS tab
    2. Select Favorites
    3. Select a contact
    4. Select a phone number to call.
    5. Call is placed.

    But it would be a LOT more convenient to have:

    1. Select Favorites tab
    2. Select a Favorite:
      • If that contact doesn't have a default number, pop up dialog to specify default number (similar to what is on S7)
    3. Call is placed.

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