Virtual Line Not Activated


    Hi. I put my ICCID for my Gear S3 watch into the Gear manager and received a confirmation email. However, the virtual line has never been activated. I received no activation text and the watch isn't reporting the mobile number. Please help!

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      • tmo_kendra

        Re: Virtual Line Not Activated

        Hello davpel thanks for reaching out. I'm so sorry that you are running into this issue. I want to make sure we get everything taken care of for you. Have you already downloaded the DIGITS app on your primary phone? You will need to sign in with your T-Mobile ID and you will be able to manage your numbers there. If you don't see another number, then we will need to get some additional information from you to make sure you have your account set up correctly. You can also call the special DIGITS support line that is listed in your registration email. Keep me posted- Thanks!

        • tmo_tim_b

          Re: Virtual Line Not Activated

          Hello davpel


          I just wanted to check in with you to make sure if you got this resolved. Please let us know if you need further assistance.