Terrible Call Quality - People cannot hear me


    I have an ongoing - and very frustrating - issue with call quality.


    I will be talking to someone and all of a sudden, they say my voice sounds all electronic or they can't hear me at all.


    I have changed phones, done master resets, changed Sim cards, just about anything you can think of.WiFi calling is off, so it is not a dirty wifi connection.


    Yesterday, I did another master reset and I am running the phone without any additional apps loaded, which is totally annoying. Waiting to see if i have issues still today.


    The people on Tech Support have taken me down every support solution path they can think of. I can't say enough about how much I appreciate their efforts.


    That being said, I am getting to the point of getting ready to dump T-mobile.


    Has anyone else had the same sort of issue with call quality? What, if anything, finally resolved the issue?


    Forgot to mention...I also have  set up a Personal CellSpot. The original phone was a Samsung and I am now using an LG. I have also changed BlueTooth devices, but the problem occurs even without Bluetooth.

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Terrible Call Quality - People cannot hear me

        My goodness mnmobile! It sounds like you have been through quite a bit with this call quality issue. I think it is safe to say that with all the equipment that you have had exchanged/reset/changed out that the issue may not be hardware related but rather something on the network. I know you said that you have spoken with our tech support already on this but I am curious if they opened a service request ticket for you? Do you know if this issue tends to happen more when you are in a specific area?

          • mnmobile

            It is hard to say if it happens more in a specific area. I work from home, so that is where most of my call originate. Also, tech support did open a ticket, but there does not seem to be a tower issue.

            As of Friday evening, tech has me trying something else. They have had me turn VoLTE off on my phone. So now I will be using my phone without this off and no apps installed. All very frustrating.

            I suppose my major issue her is that I spent money first on a new phone and then on a new Bluetooth. If the issue turns out to be this VoLTE setting, I am not going to be a very happy camper. Fist because of the expense I incurred trying to resolve this and secondly because the resolution to turn of a feature that is supposed to enhance call quality etc is not really what i would consider an acceptable resolution.

              • tmo_chris

                Re: Terrible Call Quality - People cannot hear me

                I totally understand. Turning off VoLTE is by no means a permanent solution. This is most likely to help the tech support teams isolate which part of the network is causing the issue. I am not sure if the tech set up a follow up with you but I would definitely recommend that you keep an eye out for the issue appearing again and let our tech support know if the issue persists.

            • drnewcomb2

              Usually when someone says that they have trouble hearing me it's because the phone's mic has moved to a different position. The longer a call goes on, the lazier I get and the phone drifts around.

              • skyrider.ion2@gmail.com

                Yep, it's bad!  Ppl are experiencing frustrating absolutely inexcusably Horrable call quality from my galaxys8.   That's my #1 issue.

                it's a telephone 1st. And it doesn't work.

                It's cellular voice. I don't use Wi-Fi calling.

                Also experiencing screen flickering when connected to Bluetooth. And

                Data connection issues. Only on t moble s networks

                If my issues are not fixed in 30 day( a generous time frame) I will return it and reactivate my samsung galaxy s5. Where I had Excellent call quality.

                No forgiveness it's an $800 phone for craps sake.