Adnroid app: Calls put on hold.



    Galaxy Tab E, using phone number from Galaxy S7.



    1. Recieve an incoming phone call.
    2. While talking, launch another app. (In my case Pokemon GO.)



    Call is placed on hold.


    Expected Result:

    Call continues in the background while game comes up in foreground, allowing me to talk and play at the same time.

    I would also expect this work if I was trying to do something like:

    • Find an e-mail with details I need to tell person on call.
    • Read a text message or look at a photo the person on the call was sending me.
    • Check my calendar to see if I am available for a meeting with the caller.
    • etc.

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      • tmo_tim_b

        Re: Adnroid app: Calls put on hold.

        Hello ransomv


        This is definitely not how the app should be working, although I'll test this on a Tab E specifically as soon as I am able. I did test it on another Android phone signed into the app. When I launched other apps (Pokemon Go, Google Play, gMail, Messages, Chrome), the call continued as expected. I know we've updated the app since this post. Could you please make sure to clear the cache and data on the app, make sure it is updated, sign back in and try again? Let me know that goes please!

          • ransomv

            Re: Adnroid app: Calls put on hold.

            To be sure, I uninstalled, then re-installed DIGITS.

            For Step 1:

            • I have tried both making a call and receiving a call with the same results.
            • I have tried with bluetooth headphones and with the Tablet's speaker with the same results.

            For step 2:

            • I found that with some apps it DOES NOT put the call on hold. (Settings, Kindle, Chrome, etc.).
            • When I launch other apps it DOES put the call on hold. (Pokemon GO, Playing a video in YouTube, etc.)

            My guess is that it is related to whether the app sends media to the speaker.