Voicemail Notifications not coming through (iOS)


    I'm on iOS and my voicemail notifications aren't coming through since using the Digits anywhere beta. Also seeing that not all messages are coming through and are only accessible when I log in to Digits website. How do I fix this?

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      • tmo_tim_b

        Hello daysleeper79


        I'm happy you're trying out the DIGITs BETA. Let's make sure we get these issues addressed.


        I'll start with the second part of that issue first, if you don't mind. With iOS, iMessage needs to be turned off for messages to work properly. Have you already done that?


        When it comes to the voicemail notifications, iOS has visual voicemail built-in. At this time, VVM notifications will only appear on the last device to register to the T-Mobile network. However, all voicemail will download to all devices; on some devices they will not show as new. To be sure, are the voicemail messages present even though you aren't getting the notifications? Also, do you have any other devices that could be registered to the T-Mobile network using your primary number?


        Thank you!

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          • thephantom212

            @tmo_tim_b I'm having the same issue with VVM on Android on my primary handset (I have an open ticket), where the T-Mobile VVM app downloads the voicemails, but they're already tagged as read.


            Your assertion that the last registered device is the one that gets the message tagged as new has not been my experience.  I deactivated my primary handset number in the DIGITS app on my alternate handset (for over 12 hours) and reregistered the primary handset.  I get the same behavior.


            It seems that the DIGITS back-end is still retrieving the VM messages -- perhaps in anticipation of a DIGITS line activation, much the same way that received SMS messages are queued up when the DIGITS line is inactive.  It seems that the DIGITS back end is the one that's causing the VM messages to be tagged as read.  Regardless, the concept of Easter-egging for VM's depending on which device/app registered "last" is a poor design, if that's what indeed is supposed to occur.

              • tmo_evan

                Sorry that the experience isn't quite up to par.  We're working on solving this and while we do say "last registered" in the FAQ for this particular issue, it's not quite the full story


                It's not a matter of turning on/off one of the devices for a bit of time and then turning them back on, it's about the systems that deliver VM and how Apple has a proprietary standard on the method of delivery which carriers have to adhere to and that the system to deliver to Android devices is by necessity similar but different enough, this is at the heart of what causes the notification of the new voicemail to not be triggered on both an Android and iOS device.


                The system (and I'm going to put that loosely) that determines which method gets the particular notification trigger is based on the newest one that was enabled (registered) when it was last put into service.  Thus turning off the device for some period of time isn't necessarily going to solve the issue since the backend systems at this moment believe that the proper notification method is to one of the platforms and it's going to remain that way until the system believes that it needs to re-query for the proper delivery method (and I personally don't know the logic that determines this, but have been told it's not straight forward since it never needed to understand delivery to multiple instances of the same mailbox).


                All that said, we're working to figure out a solution that doesn't step on Apple's implementation method yet allows us to trigger both without "random" garbage SMS messages ended up in the log of the other device.  As you can imagine this is a bit tricky particularly when a customer uses a DIGITS SIM with a routing number to have an iOS and Android device have the one and only same number.


                Thank you for reporting this as it helps us add additional customer voice to the issues that we're trying to solve!

                  • thephantom212

                    tmo_evan Awesome explanation!  Wish I could 'Like' more than once!!!

                    • sskorka

                      tmo_evan ... just to briefly chime in here, I'm seeing the same issues. I don't use any Android devices but I do use an iPhone, iPad and a Mac. Voicemails appear as read but this may be a big enough issue for me to opt out of the beta. Not receiving voicemail notifications impacts business calls right now (if I miss a call I may not realize there's a voicemail waiting and have been late responding to callers). Thanks for the explanation.

                      • thephantom212

                        tmo_evan I was under the impression that VVM was an IMAP server?  It should be possible to leave a retrieved message as 'unseen' until it is opened up by some instance of the client software.  I thought seen/unseen how it kept things in sync between the VM server, the VVM IMAP server, and the client (to the extent where it wouldn't download the same messages twice).  I understand that multiple clients may complicate matters somewhat, but IMAP (somewhat) handles that today.

                          • tmo_evan

                            thephantom212 The content is delivered via something that looks like IMAP however the notification system is a specialized SMS trigger.  Wouldn't it be great if everyone just standardized on IMAP (for somethings) and used simple delivery and server status for read/unread.....    Alas we're building around all of the legacy stuff that has been propagated in this space for so so so long.

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                          • najoor

                            Re: Voicemail Notifications not coming through (iOS)

                            This certainly explains a lot of things. I am using digits now between my iPhone that has the sim card in it and an Android device and of course I have the voice mail problem. But the interesting thing is that I had this problem even before I started using digits.


                            I got my iPhone in December and VVM worked just fine. On new year's eve I switched my phones and put the sim card into an Android phone just for one night. After switching back to my iPhone my VVM was completely messed up. I never got the voice message notifications anymore. The new messages would sometimes be downloaded and sometimes not, but in neither case were they marked as unread. Old messages would resist being deleted and would resurface even after they had been removed from the phone and deleted by calling the voice mail number directly.


                            So the moral of the story for me is: don't go back and forth between iPhone and Android too frequently. It confuses the heck out of the iPhone VVM. The Android voice mail seems to be unfazed by this though.

                      • daysleeper79

                        Hi - has this been fixed now that DIGITS is exiting Beta?

                        • magenta2942313

                          I'm using an IPhone 8+, and have not been getting voicemail notifications nor voicemail since last October. after checking in with T-Mobile support and determining that my voicemail was properly set up. I still was not getting voicemail or notifications even after leaving a voice message from another phone. then in my desperation I went in to settings->phone->call forwarding and enabled call forwarding, putting in the voicemail number as the call forwarding number, then exited settings and called my iPhone number, the call went directly to voicemail and Viola! I got a visual voicemail notification. So then I went back into settings+ phone +call forwarding and turned off call forwarding. I am now getting voicemail and visual voicemail notifications and messages.


                          As I think about it now I stopped receiving voicemail around the same time I uninstalled a 3rd party voicemail app I got from the app store and this was probably their payback for not buying their app

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                          • magenta6494719
                            • magenta6494719

                              I'm having this problem, too.


                              • When did this start?

                              Sept. 28 (two weeks ago), based on 11 VVMs that finally showed up last night.

                              • What type of phone are you using?

                              iPhone XS, iOS 12.0

                              • Have you talked to Tech Support about this yet? If so, what was the outcome?

                              No, after checking online talking to Tech Support doesn't seem to solve the problem for others.

                              • Are all voicemails delayed or does this happen sporadically?

                              This is the first time (covering the past two weeks), that this has happened.  I've had the same phone since Sept. 21, with the same iOS.

                              • If you turn off WiFi, do you notice an improvement in the voicemail delivery time?

                              Don't know, no new msgs.