Request Duplicate sim for more than one number/line on family account?


    Hi.  I have successfully duplicated one of my sim to be used on another cellphone. 


    I then told my family about this and they have registered for the digits program and also requested the duplicate sim to be used on another spare phone.  Its been a long time since they have made the request.  I had to call in and they have told me to wait and i have allowed sufficient wait time.


    I called in again and now one digits support team rep told me that since i already have a set up a successful duplicate sim/line for myself that t-mobile will not send out the any other duplicate sims for the two other family members that requested to try/test this feature.  I was told that they can only use the WIFI Digits app. 


    Please, is this true?  Why would t-mobile not allow anymore duplicate numbers for other people on the account to try out?  i mean isn't it a beta test?  the more people that uses and gives you feedback the better so you can polish the process.


    I had to call many reps to get my duplicate sim and then had to make many other calls to get it to work, i would think that t-mobile would need to work out the kinks more than this.


    I hope the digits rep just provided me with the wrong information or something.

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      • tmo_evan

        Sorry that this is confusing to get what you want.  Sounds like you may be running into a limitation in the beta process.


        At the end of the day, you can have multiple requests for the same feature however it depends on your account status (number of lines on account / credit class) and how many lines are currently available to you.  If in adding the DIGITS SIM with accounting number line to your account you've exceeded the number of lines available to you, then we unfortunately can't extend another accounting line.


        Not knowing the particulars of your account, I suspect this might be the issue.  Otherwise, you should be able to go back into the registration site and sign up again for another account number line and we should be provisioning it for you.  If the other person on your account is not the Primary Account Holder, this option isn't available to them, you can always request it and tie it to your line initially and then go into the portal to change the accounting number to point to a different line on the account.

          • pengko

            so if the account is maxed at the lines, after the beta test is over there wont be a way of adding other lines to the account also?  Not really a feature if duplicate lines are limited by the max number of lines.  Lol then if thats the case there are plenty of alternatives instead of using the Digits App.


            My lines was already maxed at 10 before i requested a duplicate line.  So now its 11 lines, one over the max limit.

            So your theory is incorrect. 


            Only thing is true is different reps give different information.  Always triple check.

              • tmo_tim_b



                I'd just like to clarify one point. Again, without knowing the particulars of your account (other than you telling us you met 10 lines), this is generic information. If needed, we can send you a personal message to check into it further for you. The line limit is an issue during the beta because of deposits. Many customers who have met a specific line limit can still get additional lines with a deposit. We just aren't allowing that during the beta for DIGITs lines. Once the beta is over, the current plan will be to allow customers to add additional DIGITs lines with a deposit if their account requires it. During the beta, you can get a one to one ratio of voice lines to DIGITs lines up to the point where one DIGITs line requires a deposit.


                Hope that also helps.

                  • tmo_evan

                    Not to really correct Tim... During the beta we are waiving the deposit if needed for 1 line so that you can try DIGITS.  So if you were maxed out, we are allowing the addition of the line with no costs for the beta (and beyond).

                      • pengko

                        i just called your beta digits team via phone again and i was given a bug report again for the second time and was assured that i can add those two additional "duplicate lines" that i signed up for in addition to the one successful duplicate sim that was already done.  No deposits.  He then told me to just wait for the bug report to be seen since everything is done offline and someone will get to adding the duplicate lines and sending out the sims.  Funny thing is the first time i did it a rep sent had to order the sim to be sent out and then i called back in to get it activated and added the duplicate line within 15-20 mins.


                        Anyways i thought it be a nice feature for my other family members to try out since i cannot lend them my phone but its not necessary.  Its definitely too much effort needed and many calls to get this going.  A lot of confusion and information being thrown out.

                • tmo_tim_b

                  Hello pengko


                  We just wanted to reach out one more time to see if we could help get this going for you. We would be happy to reach out via PM to get this clarified for you.

                  Thank you!

                  • alphawave

                    I too applied for a second duplicate SIM for my wife, and have never received it. Are we limited to one duplicate SIM?


                    I have 6 lines (3 vox, 3 tablet MI lines) and my wife wants to use the tablet while driving, and answer/manage calls on the 'mounted' tablet, complying with new California laws concerning electronic devices while driving.


                    (edit: no, the tablet we will dedicate to the car does NOT currently have a full-line SIM).