Make Digits as the default app


    Should add in options to make Digits as an defualt app. This should be done for at least the following:


    Text messages

    Phone Calls



    Also add widgets to short to different pages like text message, phones calls, and contacts or apps.

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      • tmo_tim_b

        Re: Make Digits as the default app

        Hello mrdil


        I definitely appreciate the suggestion, and I understand it would make it easier. At this time, I know we are working with OEMs to incorporate DIGITs into the native apps. Some of the devices already have it, like the Samsung S7, and more devices will have it in the future. We won't be able to make it that way for all devices that have already launched, but this is definitely the direction we are taking.

          • mrdil

            Re: Make Digits as the default app

            I am using a Samsung S7 Edge as well as an iPhone 6s. How do you make Digits the default app for messaging or outgoing calling in Samsung? I don't see an option for this.

            • jm00700

              Re: Make Digits as the default app

              I support the request to create an option for having Digits work as the default messaging app.  I have a TMO LG Gpad F8.0, and I would prefer to have text messages sent from the phone number running on my Digits app instead of the Gpad's sim.  It appears that there is no way to accomplish this via default, and I have to text directly from the Digits app to use that phone number's account.  The reason I'd like to see it incorporated as a default option is using it with the "OK Google" command to send texts via voice.

            • therealak4mc

              Re: Make Digits as the default app

              I support this request. My wife and I came to T-Mobile as BYOD's -- me with a Google Nexus 6P -- and being able to simply designate DIGITS as my default SMS app would simplify matters greatly, especially in making texts sent with DIGITS appear in my regular SMS backup export. As it stands, only received texts are backed up.