Issues with Windows Client


    I downloaded the Win64 client from

    I am attempting to run it on a Lenovo ThinkPad running Windows 10 Enterprise.



    1. When attempting to run this at work, I comes up then reports:
    2. When I click the X button to close the app, it just minimizes the app and leaves it running.
      YAY! That is just what I would want it to do!
      BUT... When I right-click on the icon in the tray and select Close Window, it starts glowing like a dialog has been popped up, but since the app is minimized, I can't see the dialog, so I cannot close the app.
      Please make it so no dialog pops up (or whatever causes the issue) and just let the program close.
      • The first time I ended up killing it from task manager.
      • The second time, I found I could use the menu on the app to close the app.

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