Assurant Replacement Device Malfunctions


    My original T-Mobile Samsung device was replaced in the beginning of October 2016, and upon received the replacement device, I noticed that it was a used one. I called the Assurant and the representative told me that I could return it for free of charge if something goes wrong within 90 days. So, later I noticed that the charging was taking so long that it was really longer than usual, and the device did not hold the charge long enough even if it is just on idle. I called again in the beginning of November 2016, and was told the same within 90 days I could return it for a replacement without any charge.


    I called on December 30th, which is within 90 days, and the representative acted like there is no such policy and so I have to file a new claim for the replacement device and pay the deductible again. I was trying to explain her what the previous representatives had told me; but she hung up on me. 10 minutes later, I called again, this time it was a different lady, and explained everything to her one more time, she put me on hold for about 5 minutes, and then she asked me about the last 4 digits of my SSN and my billing address. I provided the answers to her, and she said she could not validate my address in their system and so she cannot open my account. I insisted on my address and told her that I received the replacement phone on this address, but she continued to say that she cannot validate the street number of my billing address. Then I asked for a supervisor to speak, and 1 minute later, another lady answered, introducing herself as the supervisor. I once again went over the same explanation and she again said that they could not validate my billing address and so they could not assist me. She advised me to contact T-mobile to verify my billing address. Thus I called T-mobile and they verified my billing address on the phone.


    Finally, I called Assurant again within 20 minutes after talking to the supervisor. Another lady answered. I once again went over the same explanation including my contact with T-mobile, and provided my billing address one more time to her. She replied that she could not validate the billing address in my account. So I was really frustrated and got the feeling that they don't want to deal with returns!!!


    Today is January 2nd, 2017, and I am still waiting for an explanation from T-mobile and Assurant. I also sent an email question to Assutant on website and nobody has responded yet...


    This is a very terrible and annoying customer service. My billing address in T-mobile is the same address I receive my hardcopy T-mobile bills every month, and is also the same address the Assurant company mailed in the replacement device in the beginning of October 2016. Nothing has changed but they still give me a bid heahache on that. I do plan to file a consumer complaint on both companies.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: Assurant Replacement Device Malfunctions

        Hello kurubas - it's awful enough that the replacement you received isn't working, it definitely should not be this hard to get it replaced.  I wish I could speak to the discrepancy there seems to be with your address in Assurant's records.  It sounds like your address hasn't changed recently, so I am at a loss as to how their information would be different.  Unfortunately, as moderators in the Support community, we have no individual account access - so I'm not able to verify your address in our records, and to be honest no T-Mobile representative will be able to verify the address in Assurant's records.  Reaching out to Assurant via email as you've done sounds like a great option since it seems like you're not having much luck getting through on the phone - how long ago did you email them, if you don't mind me asking?  Can you ask if there is there any alternate information (other than your address) that they will accept for verification instead?  Do you see an option to update your address on their website to ensure it's accurate?


        Regarding the return process, what I was able to find internally states that if you receive a defective replacement from Assurant and it's been more than 14 days but less than 6 months, T-Mobile can process a warranty exchange for the equipment provided that it still meets the warranty requirements (no physical or liquid damage, for example).  So hopefully, the good news here is that you should be able to work with one of our retail locations if there's one nearby, or Contact Us if there is not, and initiate an exchange for the device.  I'm not able to locate anything in our process documents that mentions a different return policy for Assurant - the only timeline listed is 14 days - but hopefully that's a non-issue if we can simply get an exchange ordered for you ourselves.  I'm sorry again that you had to go through all of this - please keep us posted if you hear anything different from Assurant when they reply, but in the interim I would hate for you to wait to get a working device if you don't have to!


        - Marissa