Can you make it so SMS messages get marked as read, even if they are read on a different device?


    Enhancement Request.

    I have DIGITS set up so that my tablet receives calls/SMS sent to my phone. I have placed the DIGITS app on my home screen.


    Repro steps:

    1. Somebody sends an SMS/MMS messsage to my phone
      Note that a notification appears on both my phone and my tablet,
    2. On phone, dismiss notification.
    3. On Phone, read message.
    4. (later) On tablet, dismiss notification.
    5. On tablet, open home screen



    Note that DIGITS icon displays that there is a notice. (Note the "1" in the circle on the icon)



    Desired Result:

    When a message is read on any device, it is marked as read on all devices. (Even if it takes a couple of minutes to sync.)

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