Can you make it so I don't get missed call notices?


    I have set DIGITS up so that calls to my cell phone can be answered on either my cell phone or my tablet.


    However, if I answer on my tablet, I get a notice on my cell phone that I missed a call.

    Likewise, if I answer on my cell phone, I get a notice on my tablet that I missed a call.


    Is there any way that you could make it so that I don't get notices if it was answered on a different device?

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      • sskorka

        I'm not sure that what you're asking would be doable within a device's dialer and call log. However, my experience has been that within the DIGITS app itself, call status appears to be correct and consistent across devices. For example, if I pick up a call on my iPhone, the DIGITS app on the phone and on my iPad shows the call under the Recents tab and not the Missed tab, which is the functionality I would expect.

          • ransomv

            I am sure that the functionality currently doesn't exist in the DIGITS apps.

            However, I have seen e-mail apps that make sure notices are synced across devices.


            I am just making a request that they enhance the app to do that same thing.

              • dshrum84

                I watched the video and my impression was my "number" would be shared from a central point and all my devices, periodically if not frequently, would sync to what was going on with my account.  I'd like to see that if I answer a call on one device, the other devices tied to the number, even if not immediately, would show the call as answered and show the standard stuff like length of the call.


                I'm also now getting double notifications on my watch.  I answered a call on my watch earlier.  Afterwards, my phone showed it as a missed call and my watch showed 2 notifications.  One was the Digits line notification about taking the call, the other was a missed call notification with the watch icon.


                Just like I'd like my text conversations synced so I can track both sides of the conversation later, I'd like my call pickups or missed calls to be indicated on all my devices so I have accurate info.


                That's what I'd like and it's my impression of the end goal for Digits.  I hope they can figure that out while still allowing the devices to keep their own data independent of a central server once the data is on the phone.  It may be sky high, but you only achieve big things when you aim for big things.