choosing virtual vs duplicate


    I'm beta testing both a virtual and duplicate number, and what I've gathered from using both the capability built in on my Samsung, and testing it on multiple different phones with the app is that essentially in most cases virtual would be the way to go except in the circumstances like a watch or feature/basic phone that cant support the app, in which case the only option would be a duplicate sim. Am I on the right track?


    (to add more context I'm a current employee and asking to understand how to educate/recommend once it officially launches)

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      • azdreamscape

        Re: choosing virtual vs duplicate

        Yes, I think you are on the right track!


        Duplicate SIM is for a second cellular-enabled device that can't use the DIGITS app for whatever reason.


        Virtual number is for testing the use of a second number on your main phone, or any device that CAN use the DIGITS app.


        As I understand it, virtual numbers will be available to users once the DIGITS program goes live. These numbers could be used in cases when you don't want to give out your main number, but need to provide a temporary number ( to, for example) a Craigslist listing.

        • agb

          Re: choosing virtual vs duplicate

          I would agree. I'm also testing a virtual number on a Samsung phone, and that works perfectly other than the known issue of not being able to receive a MMS message.


          Testing the app on a non-TMobile iPhone which give me access to both my actual and the virtual numbers (in addition to the native iPhone number), and it's all good other than the app seems to be a resource hog. But it's a Beta.

          • brandizzle20

            Re: choosing virtual vs duplicate

            I love this digits idea soon a reality.... but mostly what drew me in was I needed a windows phone for work and samsung for personal. I think i might have missed option for duplicate SIM. (This way i can stop using mobile hotspot). Cant wait for January 5th to see what we have all been asking for... Any help on were i can get registered for using same number on windows phone and Samsung (native) or would do a virtual SIM for a separate number and being able to have both numbers be used from any devices. Help greatly appreciated. Keep the innovation going strong.

            • tmo_tim_b

              Re: choosing virtual vs duplicate

              Hello @jamlet -


              Thank you for reaching out, and I apologize for the delay in responding. We are trying to get to each question as quickly as we can. The DIGITs BETA has been quite popular.


              It sounds like you're on the right track, and a couple others have provided some great responses. There are definitely advantages to both scenarios. While virtual is really nice because you have multiple numbers on one device, not all duplicates require another SIM card or device that takes a SIM. For example, I can check my number from a computer when I don't have my phone available. There are definitely advantages to both options - it just depends on your needs.


              Do you feel like you've gotten what you need or do you need further information?

              • tmo_kirstin

                Re: choosing virtual vs duplicate

                jamlet I just wanted to see how everything is going! Do you have any other questions we can help with or issues that we may need to report?

                  • jamlet

                    Re: choosing virtual vs duplicate

                    As of right now the only issue is messages when using the app; i have the app installed on a T-mobile G5 and since the anchor number is always activated, when I get a text the "unread" indicator will not go away unless I open the app to check the message, even when reading it on the device itself.

                      • tmo_tim_b

                        Re: choosing virtual vs duplicate

                        Hello jamlet


                        I appreciate the feedback. That's definitely an issue of which we are aware and working to resolve. I understand there are temporary fixes, such as clearing the cache, logging out, and in some cases rebooting the phone, but I also know having to do those things is inconvenient. Please keep an eye out for updates to the app. Hopefully we'll have it fixed soon!