LG K7 Update


    My LG K7 has received an unusually large update (413Mb in size). The Android Security Patch Level remained 11-1-2016 and the Android version remained 5.1.1 after this update, but the software version changed to K33010j.


    Because this was not an update to Marshmallow, I am curious as to what this update encompasses, since the web page for K7 updates does not reflect K33010j as of today.


    Thank you.

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      • tmo_amanda

        Re: LG K7 Update

        Hey edwardp!


        That's a really good question! I'm looking at Software updates: LG K7 too and see what you're talking about. I'll get in touch with our LG contacts to see if I can get any additional info for you along with getting the page updated.

        • tmo_amanda

          Re: LG K7 Update

          Hey edwardp!


          I just wanted to wrap back around with you to share the info that I received from our LG contact. The latest software version shown here is correct. T-Mobile hasn't released the update that you're referring to.

          • tmo_amanda

            Re: LG K7 Update

            Great news!


            We were able to get the info you were wanting:



            Android 5.1.1

            Software version K33010j

            December 27, 2016

            Google security enhancements

            Minor bug fixes and software stability improvements

            Available December 27, 2016


            It's available here if you wanted to look at the full document.

            • edwardp

              Re: LG K7 Update

              Has anyone reported problems with this particular update?


              Since the update, multiple Bluetooth devices will not pair 90% of the time when both Bluetooth in the phone and the device are turned on. I have to manually pair the devices, which should not be necessary.


              This didn't occur under the previous update.