Has anyone succeeded in sending SMS from a Ting GSM device to a Tmo Digits beta number?


    My Ting device is unable to transmit SMS successfully to my T-Mobile device. It does MMS just fine.


    My Ting device does SMS to AT&T and Google Voice just fine, and the T-Mobile device works fine with everything but my Ting device.


    My Ting device works with my friend's T-Mobile device; he's not on Digits Beta.

    I think somewhere in the Digits beta, the interaction with Ting has broken.


    I've tested this using both Ting and T-Mobile APN settings, from both a Moto G3 and Moto G4 handset, and with/without VoLTE turned on on the G4. Results are consistent; Ting device cannot SMS to my T-Mobile number.

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