Why am I only getting credited for one line when I did the two free lines promo for Magenta Friday?


    Who do I need to contact to clarify this for me? I already called customer care and they just gave me the go around.

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      • wtssuperpower

        I have (had, I hope) the same problem epozos,   and same as you, calling Customer Care just wasn't getting me any answers.  So, I followed the advice I often give here, which was to contact T-Force via Facebook.  I got an immediate response, and was assured the issue would be fixed within 2-3 business days.  It was my first time, and I definitely see why that group has such an excellent reputation.  They were wonderful to work with; professional, courteous, timely, and effective.


        I recommend them without reservation.


        Keep us posted!  All best - wtsup

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        • tmo_marissa

          Hey there epozos - I'm so sorry to hear about this billing error, and even more so that we weren't able to resolve it for you when you reached out to us.  Just wanted to check in and see if you'd had the opportunity to work with T-Force so that we could make this right for you - how is everything going?


          - Marissa

            • epozos

              I called care and they told me to wait until my January bill posts. My bill posted today and I have yet to receive the credit for my 4 th line.

                • tmo_chris

                  Well that is no good at all! Unfortunately here on a community forum, I am unable to access your account so I cannot see exactly what happened. I would recommend that you reach out to our social media team T-Force using the Facebook or Twitter links in my signature as wtssuperpower suggested. They will be able to look at your account as a whole and see what specifically happened with your credits.

                  • wtssuperpower

                    @epozos  reading through the r\TMobile subreddit this morning, I noticed some folks there alluding to some system error or another that was the cause of a significant number (based on the number of posts quoting the same information) of folks not having the free line promotional credits applied on their January bill.


                    I'm not sure that r\TMobile is moderated by any official TMobile types, like this place is.  So, can't be sure of the veracity of the information gleaned from there.  What I also know is that I was pretty hot under the collar when I did not see my credits post as promised, and seeing it as a problem affecting many more than myself somehow helped me keep my cool, and gave me some hope that the error is not with my specific situation, but rather the result of a larger problem which (one assumes) will be fixed.


                    The T-force option is, however, chock-full of official Tmobile types, and they are able to authenticate and verify your account.  I know it took a couple of different conversations with them to clear up my issue, so don't hesitate to simply reply to the last reply (if that even makes sense) to restart the conversation.  The handy thing is, that all of the previous information, and all action taken by other reps is usually right there in the conversation thread.  So, need for repeating yourself is kept to a minimum. 


                    Fingers X'ed for us both.


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                • rcalabro

                  I have the exact same issue. I got 2 free lines and am only getting one $40 credit. Initially I was being charged $48 for each line as well. That has been corrected (no credits yet of course). I was told that I did not get both lines during the promotion. lol - whatever. But they checked further and I did (of course, I got them both in the SAME phone call!). I changed the # on one of them since I transferred it in from Verizon. That is the account I am not getting the credit on. They say it should be resolved by this billing cycle. This is T-mobile code for "I am tired of this call and want to move on to the next call". I literally cannot count how many times I have gotten this answer which of course is a total lie. I will be forced to call again, and again, and again until it is resolved.


                  Very sad they have these promotions with no plan at all on how to carry out the promotions. Just a massive, massive disconnect between their promotions group and their implementation group. Almost everyone I know with T-mobile has issues with every single promotion they participate in. I cancelled the waste of time T-mobile Tuesday BS since it took 3 months to get a t-shirt! I am questioning whether the constant hassle with T-mobile is worth the $100/month savings over a more organized carrier.

                  • whit.rife

                    After 5 calls to customer service, I was told the Magenta Friday deal I signed up for on 11/20, which is 4 lines for $120 was not recognized as a promotion, and unable to be found in the T-mobile system. I have been overcharged on three consecutive billing cycles, and not credited back the amount deserved to receive the above offer. I am very frustrated, and feel mislead. T-mobile is not honoring the deal I signed up with, and after three months of speaking with customer service, nothing is resolved and it seems like nothing will be made right. I cannot keep paying nearly double what I agreed to, and I am to the point of lowering the bill by giving up a line, or going back to Verizon.

                      • tmo_chris

                        Oh no! Going back to VZW is the last thing we want you to have to do! We don't have access to customer accounts here on a user forum but I would recommend that you reach out to our social media team T-Force using the Facebook or Twitter links in my signature. They will be able to take a look at your account in its entirety and see what specifically is going on.

                          • azdreamscape

                            I'm noticing the same issue on my account. The two 'free' lines I signed up for on Magenta Friday three months ago are showing a $16.56 charge each this month.

                            Apparently the charge(s) were there last month, but I didn't notice.

                            What I did notice was that my total bill has jumped about $70 from what I did pay last month, so I looked deeper into the bill.

                            I did expect about $21 increase due to my new Gear S3, but not the $70 I'm seeing.

                            I looked at the facebook page, but that was no help since I don't have an account, and I don' want one!

                            Maybe I can get help in g+?

                            I'm not anxious to wait in the queue on a phone call to Customer Service.


                            EDIT to add: Apparently g+ is not an option, since I see people in there asking for help and being told to use twitter or facebook, neither of which is an option for me. My spouse uses both, but I have doubts she can get any help since I am the PAH.

                              • wtssuperpower

                                azdreamscape  your spouse would only need to be able to verify the account info, which you could provide to her.  Or, perhaps she would allow you to use her Facebook or Twitter accounts for the correspondence? 


                                The T-Force option is, in my opinion, the only way to go.

                                At least for me, its been much, much better than my experiences with calling in to resolve the problem.


                                To be fair,  my bill still is higher than it should be.  But, from what I've been told, the problems should not keep repeating.

                                I gotta be honest though..... this two billing cycles thing is frustrating to say the least.


                                I'll keep popping in here with updates as they occur.  Its unlikely I would end up canceling service over this.  At worst, maybe I would decide to let go of the lines, but for me to allow this experience to guide me to cancel my entire account would be like throwing out the baby with the bath water.


                                Not gonna do that. 

                                  • azdreamscape

                                    Oddly, I now seem to recall my total bill dropping by about $30 a few days before the automatic payment was taken last month.

                                    No evidence of why, or where the change was made...and the billing record from last month shows the 'free lines' being charged for.


                                    Even if the charge is credited before the bill gets paid, I'm not liking the system.


                                    I'll see if I can get the wife to have someone on facebook take a peek at our account. I keep seeing this reference to T-Force...what is that?


                                    I've been with A,T & T, and Verizon...both of them cheezed me off over something (probably a billing issue (HA HA HA!) before I tried VoiceStream which then became T-Mobile.

                                    14+ years of satisfactory service...so I'm not switching now.


                                    I don't really NEED the extra lines, but since...ya know...'If it's free, it's for me!'.

                                    I will cancel the lines if I get billed for them this month.

                                      • wtssuperpower

                                        HahahaAAHHahahaa.....   I love that!  'if its free, its for me."  


                                        And, that's me, too - I don't really need the lines.   I would prefer to keep them, of course.  But, I will prefer much more strongly that they be as promised;  free, but for taxes and fees.   After the last round of communications with T-Force, I heard the dreaded 2 billing cycles mantra again and I am not at all sure I can extend that much trust.   I want to, of course.  Its just taxing.  And stressful.   Will it be worth it?  Question of the hour, right? 


                                        To address your question about T-Force,  they are T-mobile's social media Customer Service group.  They are active on both Facebook and Twitter, 24 hours a day - 7 days a week.  To initiate a conversation one simply directs a message to T-Mobile on either of those platforms. Their response time is lightning fast; 3-4 minutes has been typical of my experience.  I would liken the T-Force crew to Customer Service experts on steroids.  They appear to be enabled with some expanded permissions to accomplish solutions that, for whatever reason, are not able to be leveraged by your run of the mill, garden variety Customer Service Rep.

                                        One thing that I find very convenient when conducting an exchange with T-Force is the record of previous conversations, previous promises, and actions taken so far, that the messaging format provides. It is difficult to overstate my satisfaction with having at last discovered a way to not have to repeat myself ad nauseam to a seemingly never-ending string of reps, all the while being acutely aware that there exists a very low likelihood I will manage to make myself understood.

                                        Another great thing about T-Force - you're never 'in the wrong department'.  No transfers.  Which is such welcome contrast to the more traditional experience of calling in.


                                        Can you tell I'm a pretty big fan?   hahahahAAAHHahahaa 

                                        Well, I am. 

                                        They've definitely earned my unreserved recommendation.


                                        If you give T-Force a try, I hope you'll come back and compare experiences.


                                        Keep us posted.

                                  • whit.rife

                                    T-force/Facebook escalated the issue but did not deliver 10 days later as promised.  When I reached out to them I got a different person who I had to explain everything over again, even though it's in the message - all he had to do was scroll up.  Once again, the issue was not fixed and not addressed in the promised time-frame of 10 days.  I am going out to the store, but I doubt they'll be able to help me.  I am pretty demoralized about my experience thus far with T-mobile.

                                • jamak19

                                  Same issue here, and more. Apparently, there is nobody that can fix those billing issues, the explanation that I get from customer care on the phone and in-store every time are different. I moved two family plans from sprint to T-mobile a total of 8 lines. They promised the 2 free lines, I trade in my phone for the free S7 edge promo. This is my 3rd going to my 4th billing cycle and I'm still getting charged for the 2 Free lines, on top of that, an extra $20 dollars per 2 lines that they don't know how to explain it, plus the charges for the free device (Galaxy S7 Edge). Last time I went to the store, they said " I'm sorry they didn't explain to you well enough, but this process can take up to 3 billing cycles" So, next month they will say up to 4th billing cycles and so on. Is really annoying having to waste time talking to Customer Care, and they don't do anything or going into the store and they have no good answers for the client.  For sure I not going back to sprint because of the poor coverage, but will definitely go back to Verizon, at least they are clear from the beginning and there are no tricks or false promises and of course they have better coverage and service.

                                  • azdreamscape

                                    My wife did contact the T-force group.

                                    They were (apparently) very empathetic (well trained).

                                    As I recall, the final outcome was they were 'escalating' the issue, but it would take ten days to see any results.

                                    Naturally, 'ten days' falls after our current bill is due.


                                    In the meantime, I switched on the 'data kickback' option for all four of our 'regular' SIM lines.

                                    Earlier this week I received notification that since line xxxx is a free line, data kickback was not applicable!



                                    However, as I look at my bill tonight I see I am still being charged $16+ for each of two supposedly 'free' lines.

                                    $32+ does not equal free.

                                    The bill is to be automatically deducted from my bank account tomorrow, and I'm being overcharged by $31...at least.


                                    I'm not sure what I will do, but this WILL NOT happen again next billing cycle.

                                    • azdreamscape

                                      Well, our bill was paid with no changes.


                                      The wife is seeing charges on the T-Mobile app for 'next month', and it is now showing $20 each for the two 'free' lines.


                                      The T-Mobile app on my phone still shows last month's bill...WTF??


                                      The website shows nothing due, and no future billing info.


                                      Nothing like consistency, I always say.


                                      The latest feedback on facebook is that we should have faith, and everything will be OK next month.


                                      I was at a store today, having some more Kool-aid (making a purchase), and the rep noted that our account was 'under investigation'. It could have interfered with the purchase. But luckily I was allowed the additional Kool-aid this time.

                                        • wtssuperpower

                                          Oh gah...... the Kool-aid.     I'm choking up here, with a dippy little smirk plastered on my face....


                                          you slay me, azdreamscape.   Wicked, wicked funny you are

                                          For myself,  I'm pleased to say that my last months (this month?  whatever, you know what I mean...)  bill was precisely right where it needs to be.  Where it needs to stay. 

                                          Except for when it needs to be *lower* than it is supposed to be, to make up for the two months where it was *higher* than it was supposed to be.

                                          I will confess to a certain amount of unease with regard to that.... as I've grown quite paranoid and find changes to my account slightly anxiety producing, be they quote good unquote, or quote bad unquote,  they all equal =  bad anxiety. The waiting for things to fall back into place is the main reason why.....that, and the uncertainty that they will, and the gloomy sometimes-suspicion that the place they eventually fall into won't be full of the rainbows and light that I've come to prefer.

                                          The billing breakdown accessible to me on mytmobile.com might as well have been populated by spinning pictures of fruits and bars with a slot for coins and mechanical arm on the side.   It correlates almost exactly 'not-at-all' to what I've been told to expect, and exactly not-at-all with the total amount that ended up being due.  Not sure what to say about that. 


                                          Having no real previous experience with any other wireless service provider, I've no basis for comparison other than 'how i wish things were',  which rarely, if ever,  aligns with 'how things are'.  


                                          I will keep updating here. 



                                        • barcodeable

                                          I have the same issue... And now I see that I received the same "Line" as everyone else and still nothing gets fixed. I'm very afraid to get the new free phone line promo that start on March 1st


                                          because i won't be able to afford to pay an extra $120 for FREE PHONE LINES every month.


                                          TMobile owes me $210 dollars thus far.... After next week they will owe me $290 dollars....  Adding this new free phone line promo on March 1st, I will need to take out a payday loan to pay for three (3) Free Phone Lines....


                                          IM starting to believe T-Mobile changed the definition of the word "Free".... They are so clever

                                          • azdreamscape

                                            New bill now available.

                                            Last week we had a $30 credit showing, to cover the 'overcharge' from the two 'free lines' I got on Magenta Friday.

                                            But, the total charges this month went up another $30 so that the 'final' total is still about $40 more than it should be. (despite the credit, our bill is about the same as last month).


                                            If the trend continues, I'll be considering a payday loan myself!

                                            • barcodeable

                                              I called up T-Mobile today... and they credited $217 dollars to my account for all of the months I was being charged full price for Free Lines. I'm so happy. Hopefully my next bill will reflect the credits as well. I hate having to keep calling customer service to have them fix something they have already told me should be fixed.

                                              • fedechat

                                                On the same boat, after dealing for 3 months, on my 4th statement still no credit, I sign up for 4 lines for $100 Simple Choice 6gb Plan ($100 for 2 lines at that time + 2 free lines) and they started charging me $120 until I get the credit of $20 which never happened.


                                                Last night I spoke with Customer Relations (after calling the Corporate Office) and they found the error, the person who created my order did it on the wrong plan which didn't include the 2 free lines, she offered me a $110 plan for 4 lines (not $100) but she couldn't credit me the last 4th statement because there was not ad ins in the package due to their mistake.

                                                I moving back to ATT in two weeks, I spent a lot of my times trough the phone and twitter, they have a good team but they can fix the issue now, all the options that they gave me I need to wait to the 5th statement, and in order to get another surprise this month, is better to cut the cord.


                                                I Just finished my BBB complain, I will see how it finish and next option small claim court (it always works but it take time). Too bad because I like the service and the option for people who travel (like me), but not getting what I was promised in the first place is something I will always reject doesn't matter how good is the service (not customer service of course).

                                                • fedechat

                                                  Class Action Suit is not possible per T&C, the have a forced/mandatory Arbitration process where they usually have an advantage, or Small Claim Court. Lot of companies do that but with you can opted out ot of Arbitration within 30 days of activating a new line of service.


                                                  In the future if I ever comeback (the hoop up discount looks tempting), I will make sure I opted out just in case.

                                                  • jaymaj13

                                                    Same issue here.  Signed up during Magenta Friday, and have been trying to get bill right ever since.

                                                    4-8 hours either online or via phone every month getting bill corrected.


                                                    Still not getting proper credits for the 4 lines for $120 promo.


                                                    Advise everyone to watch the bill closely.

                                                      • fedechat

                                                        The response I got twice from BBB is my plan is not compatible with the 2 free lines, I have a Family Plan of 4 Lines for $120 were the 3rd line is free (Simple Choice Plan). This is ridiculous because I port in 3 lines from ATT for this particular promotion, and the promotion was 2 Lines for $100 + 2 free lines, I even have a print screen from them showing 2, 3 and 4 lines for Simple Choice Plan was $100 after billing credit.

                                                        They didn't have the promotion loaded in their system that's why we got what they have at that time (old promo like 4th line for free), at the end the agent screw us and they don't want to be responsible, they keep saying we a different plan which was not compatible...

                                                        They response from BBB (2nd one)

                                                        T-Mobile regrets any concerns to Mr. Me with regards to our Friends and Family on Us promotion. In response to Mr. Me inquiry regarding orders being sent during the promotional timeframe: Customers who placed a new activation order with Telesales or Customer Care during the promotional window were eligible for this offer even if the activation took place while the order was in transit.


                                                        Please note that at the time of activation, Mr. Me opted for our Fourth Line Free Family Match plan which included unlimited talk text and 6 Gigabytes of data for each of his lines at the monthly cost of $120.00 plus taxes and fees. Please note that the rate plan monthly cost was a promotional price which offered the fourth line free and was not compatible with our Friends and Family on Us promotion. T-Mobile regrets any confusion regarding this matter.


                                                        It is important to note that along with above qualification not being met, T-Mobile is also unable to honor the Friends and Family on Us promotion due to system limitations. If interested, T-Mobile recommends that Mr. Esposito review our website www.T-Mobile.com, for any upcoming promotions that he may be eligible for, and interested in taking advantage of.


                                                        Based on the foregoing, we respectfully request that this complaint against T-Mobile be closed.

                                                      • tenor808

                                                        I am also having issues with this.  I added a data line and voice line during this promotion.  To date, I have been paying $20 per line.  I do see in my last billing that there are two $25 credits which would apply to one of the "free" lines added.


                                                        I've been working through this the past few days with someone from promotions.  I had 2 Tmo One lines to to start.  I was told today that the "2 lines us on us" promotion only applied if I had 3 existing lines.  I told the rep that I'd need to do a little more research on this and would be calling back with any questions I had.  In the meantime they sent me saying it was linked to the Magenta Friday conditions.  I followed the text but did not find any information about conditions for the 2 lines free.  In the meantime, I did find the following excerpts from two articles from the Tmo newsroom that explain the promo and neither state the need for 3 lines to begin with, only 2 active voice lines.


                                                        "Bellevue, Washington — November 16, 2016 — Looks like they’re hitting the eggnog a little early in Bellevue. T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) is giving Black Friday a run for its money and rolling out its holiday deals a week early on ‘Magenta Friday.’  The Un-carrier today announced they’re giving away up to 2 additional lines free to both new and existing customers.  That’s right. Starting this Friday, November 18th through Sunday November 20th – for three days only, a family of four can get two lines FREE at T-Mobile.  There’s never been a better time to switch to the Un-carrier, and even existing customers can get in on the action this weekend.  Whether you’re adding a smartphone or tablet, it’s exactly $0 extra per month when you add up to 2 additional lines."


                                                        "The details of the promo remain the same – both new and existing customers with two qualifying voice lines can add up to two additional lines FREE, whether on T-Mobile ONE or Simple Choice. Those two free lines can be anything of your choosing, whether it’s a smartphone line, tablet or wearable."