Having trouble getting T-mobile to honor the Black Friday rates I signed up for.


    Hello, This past November I jumped ship from my former carrier when I saw this steal of a deal from T-mobile.

    They had two great promos active I thought would be perfect for my family of four.

    The first promo was for a set of 4 lines for $140/mo. (1st line, 70/mo, 2nd is 50/mo, 3rd is 20/mo, 4th is free)

    The other promotion that was running was either $800 in gift cards for trade ins, $200 per phone for 4 phones. OR

    $200 in bill credits per line, up to 4 lines w/ port in. I opted for the latter.

    (Images attached for the promos at bottom.)


    When my first bill came, my jaw dropped. It totaled $188.13, after taxes. No bill credits, no promotional rate. I contacted them and they said they'd look into it. Some time later they let me know that I was getting the promo rate and it might take a couple billing cycles for the credits to take effect. Well, that made sense, $160/mo is their current rate after the auto pay discounts, but that isn't what I signed up for.


    I leave it be for a month hoping they had fixed it. The next bill rolls in, $197.29. I'm livid at this point and look into the charges. It seems their process for porting in numbers is canceling old lines for a partial refund and opening a new one at full cost. So I contact them again. After being told what the charges were over and over and over again. I get someone who at least realizes the frustration and credits me $80; which I am very grateful for, it offsets the first 2 over payments, more or less.


    So here I am, dreading my next bill that will invariably be some $200, not the $140/mo minus credits, that I signed up for.

    Any tips, ideas, advice?





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      • tidbits

        Did you get your first bill after the change?

          • csmithmerlin8

            What changes are you referring to? I did look at my bill and the $80 credit does seem to be applied to my coming up bill, if that's what you mean.



              • tmo_amanda

                Hey csmithmerlin8!


                I'm sorry that we're off to a rocky start. The billing can be a bit confusing which is what we always try to avoid. The automatic credits are usually delayed 1-3 billing cycles. I know you've spoken to Customer Care a time or two already but you will need to get in touch with them or T-Force (our social media customer service) as we don't have account access on the forums. Someone will need to review your account and see what pending credits are going to appear on your next bill. You can dial 611 or select the Twitter or Facebook icon in my signature to send a message to T-Force.

                  • ramunas

                       I had ( still have ) similar experience - after taking Black Friday promotion ( upgrade to One plan + 2 free additional lines ) I do not see the promotional adjustments, 2 bills after promotion took place.  I talked to Customer Service at least 3 times, never receiving the same answer.  Manual adjustments were made for 1st bill.  My credit card was just charged for 2nd bill and I see that adjustments were not made.


                      Why such a simple thing as making correct adjustments on the bill must take so long ?  Several billing cycles - are you kidding ?! 


                      I convinced 2 people in the family to switch over to T-Mobile from Sprint as part of November promotion, but after seeing me spending hours on the phone with Customer Service, they are seriously considering switching back.


                      My friend, who also took the promotion, has exactly the same problem, except worse - Customer Service representative sent him back to the T-Mobile store, which was a total waste of time.  My friend is planning to drop the additional lines rather than keep going thru the ordeal.


                      I was told that if the problem was not fixed by the auto charge date ( it was not ), I will receive a call/email from a representative...  it seems T-Mobile, instead of striving to improve the billing system, likes to throw more Customer Service, T-Force and other Ninja-Forces at the problem.  That is not a good thing.

              • alexhouse

                Did it ever get resolved?

                  • csmithmerlin8

                    I am still fighting for the bill credits and full promotional rates. This has been a nightmare.

                      • alexhouse

                        I have been fighting since then. The last guy I spoke to from who knows where promised to credit my bill $90 within 2 days and said that T-Mobile would be sending out a text to everyone about applying credits. Lie!!!! I did get a text saying that they had applied a credit that shouldn't have been applied???? My bill is over 300! I brought 4 lines over from Sprint, traded in 3 qualified  phones and it is more expensive. A friend suggested that I notify the FCC. That will probably be my next step.

                          • csmithmerlin8

                            Yeah it is horrible. I've been in contact with their twitter support as they've been doing the most for me. Yet it still falls short of what was promised. Really considering jumping ship to sprints 90/5 lines plan but I'm hoping it doesn't come  to that. Gonna give them one more chance to make it right. It feels like their support team is trying but the company just won't let them fix it outright.

                              • barcodeable

                                I had billing issues as well regarding the Free Line Promotions From November 2016.... T-Mobile finally fixed it... i have been credited everything (im so happy). Prior to that I was looking to jump ship to other caririers which is your oprion as a consumer. If you believe a company is not fully respecting you as a constomer, canceling all business with them is a way of ultimately demostrating how frustrated you really are. As I mentioned I was also frustrated, Verizon and Sprint Promotions began to look appealing to me... up into i looked at Sprints promotional fine prin. Their $90 for 5 unlimited everything lines deal is for a limited time. That particular exclusive promotional pricing ends in 2019... then you will have to pay FULL PRICE for all of your lines....<GOTCHA> I have seen Verizon offering great deals too... but the pricing is a little bit above what T-Mobile is offering. I am 100% agreeing with you when it comes to comparing the cell phone coverage across the board as it relates to Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T, but ultimately you should choose the best service for you and your family. I just noticed recently that AT&T offers 250 MB of HIGH SPEED data for $15 dollars plus tax.... T-Mobile offers 200 MB of HIGH SPEED data for FREE!!!!  for the life of your tablet (no taxes included / Free) Verizon charges the last time i checked was around $20 for a similar arrangement.


                                Just today i was getting dropped calls during my hour and a half drive down the highway... i kept saying "Damn T-Mobile" but i was noticing my iPad had FULL BARS / LTE displayed in the upper left hand corner.... As i have been suspecting from reading other posts here on this forum concerning call quality and service, i have concluded I need to purchase an updated phone. And I need to purchase a new phone not to try to keep up with the "Jones's" but to try and keep up with technology. I have a Samsung Note 3 and some frequencies that T-Mobile uses are not compatible with this phone... I like the phone, but honestly it's outdated. You may have already the top of the libe phone and still get dropped calls... but as for me, i think a new phone would solve many of my issues.


                                my post are not written to pursuade you in anyway... i just toss my two cents around whenever i can when i see people having similar issues as i have had. And If you do decide to jump ship, T-Mobile keeps a record of it for sure. I had a relative tell me yesterday.... after they ported their number from T-Mobile to Verizon.... it's been 2 years now.... T-Mobile sends them i believe was either text messages or emails asking them to come back as a customer, they miss them.... so.... if you do jump ship.... don't be surprised if you get a similar message... and they may also have an awesome deal attached as well (who knows).



                              • gpw100

                                I'm in a similar situation.  This whole thing has been nothing but a nightmare.  I've been a T-Mobile customer for over a decade and recently got the rest of my family to switch over from AT&T due to the cited promotions ($150 credit per line switched and buy 2 lines get one free).  You would think there would be some sort of customer thanks in such a situation, least of which being is honoring the advertised promotions.  But no, instead, I have been stuck in a seemingly endless nightmare.  To make a really long story short…


                                For the $150 rebate promo -

                                I contacted the rebate center and they said my request was denied because the numbers haven't been ported.  Not only have they been ported, we've been using them - what further "proof" is needed?  This is a joke. This info should be easily accessible by looking on my account.


                                Buy 2 get 1 free -

                                I was finally told - after about 6+ different calls (most over an hour each) speaking with reps AND their supervisors - that the buy 2 lines get 1 free takes a few months to show up on the bill. It took SIX (or maybe it was more) for someone to inform me of this, even though I spoke with many supervisors. I've now been "guaranteed" this will be reflected on a future bill but after endless promises, I'm not hopeful.


                                If someone from T-Mobile corporate is reading this, please contact me. I haven't received the benefit of any of the promos thus far.  Instead, I have wasted endless hours, converted my family over to this chaos (this has been an unbelievable stressor), and been told too many empty promises to count.


                                I would contact the FCC; perhaps someone a that can actually remedy the situation will take our complaints with a shred of seriousness. There was a recent article in the NYTimes about how T-Mobile is actually not following through on advertised promos.  I may reach out to them as I'm not sure how else to get attention to this matter. It's false advertising, irresponsible and has wasted so many people’s time, especially those of long time, “valued” customers.

                                  • barcodeable

                                    I know you feel bad. I would feel bad if i were you . bringing family members over into a chaotic situation is a terrible ordeal to have to live down. Im sure anytime the names "T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, AT&T gets mentioned around you, im sure you get dirty looks from your loving family members. I know its just cell phone service,,,, but throwing family members into T-Mobile Limbo can affect your overall relationship with them.


                                    BUt one thing i have noticed.... i first will admit.... i enjoy all of the Benefits, and promotions that T-Mobile does.... its just too many for the customer representatives to keep track of. Too many features with similar attributes and plans with similar names,,,, Data Maximizer isn't Binge On..... but there is the Binge On service that allows you to watch 3 times more streaming content, just like the Data Maximizer but it's diffrent...lol... T-Mobile One Plus, T-Mobile One, T-Mobile One Plus Promo, T-Mobile One Plus International..... Simple Choice, Simple Prepaid, Simple Select, Simple Choice Promo.... Lol.... Each of these plans have it's own different features that may be similar to the other plans, but it's different by design. And I uderstand your confusion.... but just take a second and think about the confused customer rep who has to work not knowing the differences in these plans unless they look it up on the computer screen. I like the promotional deals.... T-Mobile should design a way to make it more user friendly for the customers. Even on this Forum.... people are complaining about plans i have no clue about because im on a different plan then they are. Their plan may charge $15 dollars for a feature, while my plan has it included free. So if a subscriber has to call up customer support.... im sure there will be some confusion. And T-Mobile One isn't  1 plan.... it's actually several plans with the same name. I like T-mobile.... i hope the customer reps learn whats what....sometimes the customers know more about features of a plan better than the rep.


                                    I have noticed people are having problems with advertised promotions. I think i finally have my account taken care of with getting credits that are due... but I won't know for sure until my next bill. Everyone gets promised that the next bill will show your credits, usually it doesn't, you usually have to call back and talk to another supervisor. Im having an issue where T-Mobile advertise on their website that current customers can add the Feature to call to and from Mexico and Canada for FREE.... all it says to do is to go into your account and add it free of charge. I MADE A COPY OF THeir statement.... but when i go to my account to add it.... this feature cost $10 dollars...lol....  I already have a Family Stateside International calling plan that is nolonger being offered because it was a promotional plan they did a few years ago.... im afraid if i click on this Mexico & Canada feature.... my Family Stateside International Plan will get removed due to the change i just made and then when i call up to T-Mobile the reps will tell me once i make a plan change they can't reverse it. So, im going to leave well enough alone. I dont plan on going to Mexico or canada,... and i don't know anyone there to text or talk to.... so it's not urgent that i get this add-on feature.... but if its free, i want it added. I just don't want to dismantle the services and credits I already get.


                                    i hope your problem(s) get taken care of. and i hope your family don't hate you for recommending T-Mobile. T-Mobile is a great company.... they are just trying to do too much at one time.... and thats the root of the problem.

                                    • tmo_marissa

                                      gpw100 - I hunted for this post after seeing your mention here.  I've read over the situation that you've been going through, and it is a total bummer that a customer with over a decade of tenure was kind enough to bring family to T-Mobile is having such an awful experience getting promotions redeemed and a bill that accurately reflects their plan.  I know you requested outbound contact, and I don't want you to feel abandoned.  This space is a public user forum - while we welcome feedback of all kinds, Community Managers here don't have an account verification method or outbound contact options.  We do want you to be helped by a team that can look into your account ASAP, especially since it certainly sounds like you've put in a ton of effort already with very little movement in the way of resolution.  Have to tried working with our T-Force team through Twitter or Facebook?  In those channels you'd have the convenience of online contact and we're able to offer secure account authentication, so we can actually pull up your account and get to the bottom of this for you.  Hopefully we can review the account and confirm pending credits, and even partner with our promo team to figure out why this $150 card is being denied (it definitely sounds like there's some error there, from what you're describing) and do what we need to do to make this right.

                                      - Marissa

                                        • magenta2175823

                                          We are still in a somewhat similar situation – now going on nine months!!


                                          We switched from AT&T during the Black Friday 2016 promotion. We switched four lines. We traded in two iPhones, kept one unlocked iPhone and purchased one iPhone. We are receiving credit for the two phones we traded in in the form of monthly credits.


                                          However, the $200 prepaid MasterCard card per line (https://newsroom.t-mobile.com/news-and-blogs/tmobile-goes-holicray-cray.htm) that we are promised never materialized. Over the months, we have spoken with two different agents and also with a representative at the store we purchased the phones from. The only thing they keep saying is that "rebates are not valid," but will not tell us what rebates are not valid and why not. We tried calling the rebate department – but like all the others who tried that option – you just get automated messages or the system and hangs up on you.


                                          Our billing history for the first two months is riddled with 'Promotion Enrollment' (six times) and 'Promotion Drop-out' (four times) without any further explanation. We are now paying over $200 a month, so not like the plan is any different. At one point, we were told that we had been given a "$200 credit," but that never showed up on the bill. 


                                          Any tips, ideas or advice would be very welcome. Thanks

                                • alexhouse

                                  I had much better service with Sprint and no dropped calls like I have now. Not to mention no billing issues........

                                  • ninaplat

                                    Right there with you.  Four months later I am trying to get my two lines that were added on Magenta Friday not to show up on the bill as $30 each plus taxes but got bill today and still not straight.  I did get a credit for the past few months but this bill is still $60 too much

                                    • ninaplat

                                      Got my bill and once again it isn't showing correct for the Magenta Friday two free lines.  I am so tired of this.  I love T-mobile but their billing is awful and trying to figure out how they charge you is impossible.  Was promised it would be $150 plus taxes and it was $250 again.  Am I the only one that they just can't get straight.

                                        • confuzing

                                          Well it's almost about to be a year later and they still can't get two free lines promo applied. I've had them promise me multiple times that it was fixed, one time even removing a Google Pixel credit that took two months to get back on, but each time the plan is still the full non-promo price. I don't know if this promo is no longer in the system so they don't know how to re-add so they just credit and move on, but it is getting a little crazy.