Gear S3 number enabled


    I managed to connect my Gear S3's number to my account!

    The number doesn't show up as available on my 'main phone' in the DIGITS app.

    Calls from the watch when not connected to my phone still show as coming from the ESIM number on the watch.

    BUT, I can make calls and send texts from my PC as if I were using the watch!

    YAY, I guess...


    I would much rather send texts and make calls from the watch as if I was using my main phone, but at least something has changed so I guess that's 'progress'.

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      • tmo_tim_b

        Re: Gear S3 number enabled

        Hello azdreamscape. I apologize for the delay in getting a response to you. We're definitely working to get through these questions as quickly as we are able.


        I am glad you were able to connect the Gear S3 to the account. When it comes to your issue, it initially sounds like the SIM card was not updated correctly on the account. However, to be sure, when you signed into the app, did you use your T-Mobile ID or your primary phone number? If you used your primary number, it may not show other options. You would want to log out and sign in using your T-Mobile ID.