BUG: Problems Texting a Picture


    NOTE: This is with the DIGITS app on a Galaxy Tab A


    Repro steps:

    1. Open Google Photos App.
    2. Select a screenshot that was just created.
    3. Tap the share icon at the bottom.
    4. Select to use the DIGITS app
    5. Select to use my cell phone number.
    6. Tap the search icon in the top right of the screen. NOTE: the keyboard doesn't appear, so tap on flashing cursor to make keyboard appear.
    7. Type in a name, then select the appropriate number.
    8. Name appears at top, but left side remain blank. The only button appears to be the Send button. So tap Send button.
    9. SMS/MMS thread for the recipient appears, and I have the ability to add text.
    10. Type in some text, then hit the Attachment icon to add the pic (since it didn't show up like I expect in step 9)
    11. Select Picture. Then select Documents, then select the screenshot.
    12. Tap the Send icon to the right of the message input field, and message is sent.
    13. Now, to send it to another person, click on the To field, and delete the recipient there. (SMS/MMS thread is properly cleared)
    14. Now, remember that you wanted to say something else, so tap the Send button at the top right corner (as done in step 6). A user icon does appear in the To field, but it is blank, and no SMS/MMS Thread appears.
    15. Give up, and submit a bug report.


    Actual Results:

    • At step 6, a flashing cursor appears, but the keyboard doesn't appear.
    • In step 8, left side remains blank. Also the only button appears to be the send button.
    • At step 9, the picture doesn't show up.
    • At step 11, I am given the option to get my picture from the Camera or the Documents
    • At step 14, an empty user icon is placed in the To field, and no SMS/MMS thread appears.


    Expected Results:

    • At step 6, since the flashing cursor appears, it would be nice if the keyboard showed up.
    • At step 8, I would expect to have some icon other than the Send icon. (Some sort of "I am done selecting recipients. Lets move to the next step" icon.)
    • At step 9, the picture I selected in step 2 should be attached, AND I should be able tell that it is attached, I would recommend having it show up in the thread, but somehow marked as unsent.
    • At step 11, instead of specifying Documents, since you know I want a picture, specify something like "Camera Roll" or "Gallery" or some such.
    • At step 14, instead of a blank user icon, the user icon for the user found in the search field should be displayed.

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