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    signal booster


      Received a signal booster because my hotspot only got one bar.  Signal booster shows 3+ bars in the window unit, the other unit shows "9".  Hotspot only shows 1 bar and best download speed I get is 3-4Mbps.  Upload is <1Mbps.  Is the hotspot not linking up to the signal booster? 

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          Oh man rlilje. That's a bummer it's giving you fits.


          Have you already tried to take out the SIM card for a moment, put it back in and give the Alcatel a restart to see if it connects?

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            Please let me know what happens with this. I ordered a signal booster as well for my hotspot. I'm hoping this will somewhat mediate my weak signal issues.

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              Hiya rlilje - how's your hotspot connecting with the booster these days?


              jskier did yours arrive yet?  How is it working out?


              Hopefully you're both getting improved signal strength by now!


              - Marissa

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                Removed SIM card and reinserted after 5 minutes.  Still same issues.  Signal strength on the "mobile.hotspot" landing page only shows 1 bar.  Signal booster window unit shows 3 bars.  Other unit shows "9".  Recent "Speedtest" results are:  Download 5.45Mbps, upload 0.80Mbps (average).  Thus far, the signal booster has been a BUST.  Any other suggestions?  How can I tell if the signal booster and the hotspot are actually talking to one another?

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                  Came yesterday. I will be installing this weekend, and will follow up.

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                    The booster setup won't work. Called support and they said it is a defective receiver (couldn't get it to display a number; just stayed in progress for several hours in a few different locations). Returning to the store today, not going to try another one.


                    Going to need to use another carrier for this location long term, they have a tower nearby and other folks who use the location have had no issues with service inside a small home. TMO hot spot still works for the most part, but not worth the hassle of mounting it on a window long term.


                    Thanks for the follow up though.




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                      Yikes.  Sorry to hear that, jskier.  It's a bummer that you spent the effort trying to set up the equipment only to find out it was defective, but I appreciate that you tried.  I hope that you'll be able to use our service in your location without a coverage solution in the future, but obviously you have to do what's best for your family and your safety - a stable connection is key.  Thank you for updating, and best wishes!


                      - Marissa