Lines missing from Browser


    For Digits support:

    When I log into WebRTC for the web version of Digits I only see four of the six lines I see in the android app.

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      • tmo_tim_b

        Re: Lines missing from Browser

        Hello sbjarna


        Given I've seen you on here quite a bit, I first want to say thank you for testing this out for us and asking all these questions. I definitely want to make sure each of them have been addressed. Since it's been several days since you posted this one, are you still having this particular issue?

        • sbjarna

          Re: Lines missing from Browser

          What is the update on this?

            • tmo_evan

              Re: Lines missing from Browser


              We're definitely going to need to get some more details from you so that someone can investigate.  I've tagged one of the forum admins to get more info from you in particular... your T-Mobile ID email address, the list of phone number you think should be there (and that show up in other locations) and then the list of phone numbers that show up for you on the web client.


              Since it's personal info, probably best to funnel it through the admin or if you want you can call into the special care queue and have them file an issue for this just make sure to get all of the info and repro steps.


              Thanks for helping us out!

            • tmo_chris

              Re: Lines missing from Browser

              Hey sbjarna,


              I just sent you a private message about your voicemail/sms question but I am going to send you another one so we can gather the information needed for this issue as well.