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Can I retrieve deleted messages


    Retrieve deleted messages

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      • e2k

        Re: Can I retrieve deleted messages

        Unfortunately, unless you backed up the messages prior to them being deleted, they are gone and cannot be recovered.

        • jeddy3

          Re: Can I retrieve deleted messages

          Frankly speaking, you lost the data from your phone, they would be gone unless you have a  backup. But anyway, if you really want the deleted data back, you should try every method, no matter they are free or paid. Those recovery tools can also have the possibility to recover text messages or other deleted data I think.

          • mymao

            Re: Can I retrieve deleted messages

            If your deleted text messages werenot overwritten by new data, it's possible to get them back with phone data recovery program. After we connect it to computer via USB Cable, start the phone data recovery program, we can choose the deleted text messages to recovery on the program window.