Why is my Android file in the Miscellaneous over 1GB?


    When I go to Settings>Storage>Miscellaneous folder I see that there is an "Android" file that is taking up 1.08GB and growing daily. yesterday (Dec 29 2016) it was 1.06GB. Why is this file taking up so much space? My wife has the same phone and her "Android" file is not taking up that much space. I thought it the reason may have been due to adding my brother's and nephew's google account for a game we are all playing, but once i removed their accounts the "Android" file continues to grow in size. What happens if I delete it? All other apps and media (photos, videos, music) are saved on my SD Card. Assistance would be appreciated.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        From what I've seen, miscellaneous files come from a combination of the phones stock and downloaded applications. Depending on what you have downloaded, it'll differ form phone to phone. I would be careful what you choose to delete. There are a few ways to manage memory and this mainly involves clearing out messages, call logs, and app cache. You're doing great by moving what files you can over to your SD card but the files that I mentioned will be stored on the phones memory so clearing that off should help make some room on the phone.