Why can't I use MMS?


    I have had my Samsung Galaxy S7 (US non rooted) for about a week, and I have noticed that photo messages are not working correctly. I can send them to other people, but I can't receive them. This is driving me nuts.



    Troubleshooting that I have tried:

    Tested MMS from iPhone (failed)

    Tested MMS from Android phone (failed)

    Used default Messages (failed)

    Used Google Messenger (failed)

    Checked that Mobile Data was on (it was)

    Disabled Wi-Fi to use only data (nothing changed)

    Checked for Samsung update (already newest version)

    Checked APN, reset APN, added custom APN (for T-Mobile)

    Called T-Mobile to makes sure it wasn't them (it doesn't seem to be)

    Clear cache for Messages app (nothing changed)

    Cleared device cache (nothing changed)

    Reset phone back to factory settings (nothing changed)

    Safe mode (nothing changed)



    I may have forgot some other steps as I have been working on it nonstop. I really could use some help. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. Thank you in advance.

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